Saturday, November 27, 2010

Freeze your ass off 5k (better known as Turkey Trot 5k)

When I signed up for this race I was definitely not expecting it to be warm. I was however not exactly expecting it to be snot freezing 5 degree weather. I think at the height and finish of the race it may have reached 9 degrees at the most!!! I literally was so surprised to see that my ass was still attached to my body when I finished this polar ice party. I though for sure it had frozen off. Anyway needless to say I learned that to be a real runner you must learn how to run in any kind of weather. I do not like running in freeze your ass off weather, but I did it! I will definitely admit that this was not my favorite race. I am not sure why so I am going to blame it on the weather. For some reason I just could not get in a good groove and even had to stop and walk for a minute when I hit mile 2. I guess every race just can't be your favorite. As much as I didn't love this race I still did really well and set a person record for 5k's finishing in 22:48.

I rocked a hospital mask that sick people wear. My analogy was that it would help me breath better because I would be breathing in my own air and not breathing in the bitter cold air. I think it worked for the most part, and people stayed away from me because they thought I was deathy contagious. Not a bad deal. :)
The start of the race. That is me right in the front. I think I'm cool and can stand in the front, but I'm really not that awesome. Everyone passed me right at the first. ha ha oh well.

Finally finishing. Halleluyah. I realize that is spelled incorrectly. (sorry amber and mom). But I was so happy to finish this race.

Me and Julia with our friend Kat. We were so lucky to run into her because there were over 600 people that ran this race.
Jonathan me and Julia with our prizes. Jonathon and Julia both rocked this race and I am so proud of them. I took 3rd place in my age group and was hoping for a pie but they made me take the 50 pound turkey instead. It is sitting in my brothers fridge until I figure out what to do with it.
Overall this was honestly such a fun experience and it was so fun to have Julia's brother Timothy and her dad Kelly there to support us. I think I learned a valuable lesson with this race. I learned that it is okay to not love every second of every race. The most important thing really is finishing and having fun with friends. I am not going to quit running anytime soon, I still love it and know that the sky is the limit with my running potential.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's a Love/Hate Relationship

I think that any runner can agree that running is totally a Love/Hate Relationship. One second you love running and are feeling so high you would have thought you just won the lottery. The next second you are regretting your life let alone running this stupid race, you are cussing at yourself and promising you will never ever run another stupid race ever again. Any runner can probably completely relate with my Love/Hate lists.

  • Finishing a race is honestly the greatest feeling I have ever felt. Whether it is a 5k or a half marathon the feeling of finishing is undescribable
  • Setting a Personal Record.
  • Cheering on my friends and other runners after I have finished.
  • Placing in my age group and winning prizes.
  • Passing people. (ROAD KILL)
  • The first mile of the race. My energy is so high I just love the feeling of hitting the first mile.
  • Seeing family or friends at the end of the race. I run so much harder when I see someone I know waiting for me or cheering me on.
  • When an awesome song comes on my I-pod that totally pumps me up.
  • The last quarter of a mile of the race.
  • Meeting new people and making new friends.


MILE #2.............BLAH!!!!

  • Pre-race jitters.
  • Feeling like I have to pee every 2 seconds before I start a race.
  • When a crappy song comes on my I-pod.
  • Doing bad in a race
  • Getting side aches in the middle of a race and thinking I want to die.
  • The in between miles when my high has wore off and the end is still not in sight.
  • When the race only gives out a crappy white T-shirt.
  • Running up hill.
  • When people pass me in the last mile.
  • When I grab a drink at an aid station and dump it on my face and none of it goes in my mouth.
  • Getting left by my team. :(

At the end of the day I will take the good, the bad, and the ugly. No matter what happens on race day it all adds to the overall experience.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Runners Body"

A couple of months ago my roommate made a comment to me that really made me think, she said: "I am never going to really look like a runner, I just don't have a runners body." This comment made me think about 'stereotypes' about what runners bodies should look like. I think we all have some type of pre-conception of what we think runners should look like. The picture below of Shalene Flanigan describes what I always pictured a female runner to look like.

I personally have dealt with body image issues a lot in the past and think that running has actually opened my eyes to the fact that body image truly doesn't matter. Some of the best runners I have met are bigger boned, muscular, tall, short, thin, chubby-----My point is anyone can be a runner and body shape really does not matter.
I love this picture below because this describes exactly what I am trying to point out. The man on the left looks like he would pass out after running 2 feet. Being "skinny" does not make you a good runner. It is important to put the stereotype to rest that runners must be tall and thin. I am short and muscular and I am in better shape than I have ever been in my entire life.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


GU----I first heard about GU from one of my favorite local weather anchors Debbie Worthin. (yes I watch channel 2 news every morning, don't judge, at least I always know whats going on in the world.) Debbie was talking about GU on the show one day and how it saved her life when she ran her first half-marathon. She said when she first heard about GU her response was "why would I ever want to add calories to my diet?" Debbie's response was the exact same as mine. Why in H-E-double hockey sticks would I want to add extra calories to my diet if they didn't even taste good? Coming from a history of counting calories I thought this was absolutely the most bizarre thing I had ever heard.

Well I took the plunge and hopped on the GU train. I will admit that I would never even consider eating this thick slime unless I was deserted on a stranded island with no other source of nutrients.......But for running this thick concoction has saved my life. I may have been merely a pretty little decoration on the side of the road at the Halloween half if it weren't for my GU. GU is made up of pure carbohydrates and gives you the boost of energy you need to complete a race. During the Halloween half-marathon I ate....swallowed.....spilled.....sucked up 3 GU packets. Yes that is right 330 calories of nothing but carbs. But seriously this stuff is magical and I now swear by it! I used to be so apprehensive to eat before and during races but GU is something my stomach can handle and it doesn't slow me down. Give it a try, I promise you will be amazing just like I was.

I prefer the power Bar Gel packs because they are only .93 cents at Walmart and they are also not as thick but give me just as much energy.

I only posted this picture to show that they seriously make GU in every flavor. I can guarantee you however that it does not taste like ice cream. I have not tried this brand of GU but heard it is thicker than the Power Bar brand.


This is where I will be in 59 days. It will be a winter wonderland in Utah and I will be chilling on the beaches in Key West, Florida. You know your jealous.
Me and Julia are running Florida Keys Ragnar Relay In January. While you Utahns are freezing your "keysters" off I will be running from Miami to Key West. It is going to be awesome and I can't wait to run across bridges and on the beach......perfection!

Friday, November 5, 2010

What in the heck is "Ragnar"?

Is the first thing my Dad asked me when I told him I was spending 100 dollars to run a 195-mile race. He literally thought I was crazy, and well quite frankly anyone that runs Ragnar is a little nuts.

RAGNAR-Is a true test of endurance! It is a relay race that goes all day and all night. Their are 12 people on the team and each team member runs three legs of the race adding up to about 200 miles. Running Las Vegas Ragnar was seriously one of the most exciting things I have ever done. What I like most about Ragnar is the "team" aspect. It is so fun to be apart of a group and to meet new people. The memories and friendships I made while running Las Vegas Ragnar will be unforgettable. TEAM DAAAYNG ROCKED!!!!

Van #2 before the race began getting ready for our safety meeting.
Me and Julia next to the RagMobile.

My first leg. I was runner number 9 and Lisle was handing the baton off to me. I was so nervous.

Running in to the exchange on my first leg. Our team was 'fortunate' enough to have two night legs of the race.
In the middle of the night waiting for Ken's second leg. We are posing with our friend Charly the unicorn. Ragnar is such a crazy event, most teams have team names and dress in costume. I am not sure the name of the Unicorn's team but WE CAUGHT THE UNICORN.!.!.!

Back to daylight. We did not get any pictures of my second leg because it was dark. This is part of my team waiting for Jeffrey to run in.

Lisle handing off to me for my last leg. Notice that there is no pictures of me finishing this leg because my team got lost. They missed the turn off and drove to the exchange after mine. Needless to say this added 40 minutes to our overall time, and I was stuck at my exchange alone.

Jonathan runner #12 finishing the race.

Me and Julia at the finish of the 30 hour 195-mile event. So much fun!!!

The four Ragnar rookies. Everyone else on our team was seasoned running veterans. This was Heather, Mine, Julia, and Jonathans first Ragnar. (There will be a lot more to come)

The entire team at the finish. WE DID IT!!!
Running Ragnar was such a fun experience and I am so glad I had the opportunity to run with the group I was with. All of the runner's I ran with are experienced runners and it was so exciting to learn from them. They taught me so many things about running and I look forward to using all of their advice. The best thing about Ragnar was definetely the TEAMWORK! It did not matter how fast you were because we were all in it together, and having someone to cheer me on in the middle of my 6 mile battle made all of the difference.
Thanks team "DAAAYNG" for such an awesome experience.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My New Motivation

Garmin Runner 205
Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a fan of technology at all. Maybe it is because I would rather spend my money on clothes and shoes? I don't know. I may have inherited this fear of technology from my fabulous parents Weldon and Sue. (they still own a type writer, and have no idea how to send or receive a text message.)
Anyway, needless to say the i-pod I own would simply be a cute little black square with headphones attached if it weren't for Julz and Brian putting music on it for me. And the closest thing to a GPS I own is my dog Izzy sniffing out her next location. I am that person that when the cable goes out, I sit and stair at the black screen until someone comes home to fix it. Yep I am that scared of technology......or maybe it is just easier to have people around me take care of it for me? Either way I am the last person to buy into the latest trend.
Except when it comes to running. 2 weeks ago I was talked into buying a garmin running watch. Julia got her watch first and once I saw what it could do I was completely sold. This watch is literally amazing. I would have to admit that my running has improved immensely since I purchased my watch. So what does this magical watch do?
  1. The watch times my exact distance from start to end.
  2. The watch tells me my exact pace at all times.
  3. The watch tells me my average pace for the race (this alarms me when I need to speed up!)
  4. The watch beeps at every mile. When you are running 13.1 miles this feature is absolutely necessary.
  5. The watch has a virtual trainer that tells you to "get your ass in gear" if you are sucking it up. (ok so admittedly I have been too big of a wuss to try this feature yet but it is there. :)
  6. The watch tells you how many calories you burn.
  7. The watch tells you your pace per mi. (pretty important if you are like me and average a low pace of 5min and a high pace of 9min. The watch is helping me with my consistency but I still have a lot to work on.)
  8. The watch can plug into your computer and show you the exact course you ran. (including elevation change, turns, street addresses ect.)

Okay there is my publicity stunt. I honestly don't know how I ever ran without this thing. If you are a beginning, intermediate, or advance runner I would highly recommend a running watch to help you with your training.