Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For my Mom+2011 Running news!!

So my Mom doesn't have Facebook (where I post all of my pictures) so I decided to share a few pictures of recent events with her on my blog. She is my biggest blog fan so I decided she deserved it. :) Enjoy a small selection of pictures Momma Sue! If you want to read my exciting 2011 running news you must suffer through all of the picture to the end. :) Or just skip the pictures and scroll to the the end.

Me and four awesome babies on Christmas days. All four of the babies sporting the Christmas outfits I gave them.
Daija Rae!
Dreyden Trevor playing with his school bus from Grandma.
Grandma Sue with the boys. Now that she is a grandma she plays Santa for the babies instead of her own children. (aka me) ha ha poor Rachelle is so picked on.
Family at the Golden Gate Bridge
Me, Jamers, Dad (well dad's behind), and Mom.
Love this pic. Grandpa holding his grand baby.
2011 Running News: I am officially signed up for 3 half marathons and 1 full marathon in 2011.
  • February 26th I will run Washington City Dog Town half marathon.
  • March 19th I am running Moab half marathon.
  • June 11th Utah Valley Marathon.
  • October 29th Halloween Half Marathon.

And this is just a small fraction of my 2011 race plan. I am hoping to run at least one race a month but probably more during the prime running months. Happy running everyone! :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Working out while on VACATION!!

Wow I am a big blog slacker. Sorry fans. ha ha I crack myself up, but seriously one of my New Year's resolutions is to update the running blog at least once a week. (Lets face it this is pretty much my personal blog too, but I will try to keep it mostly about running since that is basically my life.) Part of the reason for my recent blog slacking was my fabulous vacation to the Bay Area of California. (more on that in a minute). But first things first..........................MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I love Christmas season and especially the spirit of giving. This year for Christmas I am working. I thought it would be terrible but really it isn't too bad. Only an hour left to go and it is truly amazing to me to see how great of attitudes everyone working today has. There are a ton of people working at the Hospital today and everyone truly is dedicated to what we work for....Patient care and healing for life.

So onto the original topic of working out while on Vacation. I often find it incredibly difficult to work out while vacationing with my family. A-Vacation=let yourself go, eat whatever you want, go crazy! B-Where am I suppose to workout? C-I don't have time to workout there is too much fun to be had........Well this vacation I was bound to throw my excuses out the window and get a couple of good runs in. So here is how it went.
  • Day 1........Stomache Flu...YUCK!! I did my best to compose myself, stay afloat and attend the wedding. (The stomache flu went through everyone in my family and my cousins....not cool at all.)
  • Day 2........Feeling better but raining like crazy outside.........somehow managed to get in 2 miles in my Aunts gym while talking and playing with my 8 year old cousin Anna.
  • Day 3.......Determined to run........alarm clock set........up earlier and off I went for a fabulous little 5k. (I was somewhat afraid to go to far not knowing the area to well.)
  • Day 4.......running outside yesterday was SOOO fun I want to do it again.......5 mile run in wonderful 58 degree weather around my Aunts beatiful neighborhood.

So Overall I managed to get 10 miles in on a 4 day vacation plus all the walking we did in San Fran. (This mileage is simply pathetic when I am used to running 8 miles a day, but for a vacation...I WILL TAKE IT!)

I am realizing that this blog has basically no point but I guess I just wanted to express that I feel so much better when I am able to sneak a little bit of exercise in on vacations. Now enjoy some pictures and captions from my trip. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. I absolutely love San Fran. I love all the crazy people, I love the shops, and I love the scenery.

Lumbar Street. This street is a true example of what the roads are like all over San Francisco. Straight up and down. So crazy!

My nephew James first flight. This little baby seriously rocks. He was so good the entire trip and it was funny to see how many tourists were completely entrigued by him. I had such a fabulous and much needed little vacation with my awesome family. It was so fun to just relax, watch movies, play games, eat delicious food, and visit with my awesome family!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pay it Forward! (tribute to Trevor)

This blog post has nothing to do with running and I have no pictures for your entertainment. So here is my pre-apology to the entire 2 people that follow my blog. (you can't say I didn't warn you.)

My brother Trevor was the most caring person I have ever known. Trevor had the biggest heart in the entire world. He always wanted to help others. He never cared about material goods but he sure did care about the poor man on the side of the road that was begging for money, or the poor animals that have to live out in the cold during the winter. As big as Trevor's heart was it is no wonder he was such a big kid. He seriously would have done anything for anyone. He was the most selfless person I have ever known.

Much like my previous love/hate post, I have a major love/hate relationship with Christmas. Why you might ask? Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas! Really I do. I love the tree decorating, the gingerbread houses, Christmas goodies, and being around family. However each year around Christmas time I seem to get an empty feeling in my stomach. (and not because I'm hungry, although I am almost always hungry.) Much like the true example of my little brother I too feel so guilty and bad for all of the people that are struggling this time of year. All of the kids who miss out on opening presents on Christmas morning, the elderly who have no family to visit and no extra money for a nice meal, the homeless people living on the street, my employee who's husband just lost his job, the single mom with three kids making minimum wages. All of these stories seriously do eat me up inside and I find myself loosing sleep at night wishing there were more I could do to help.

I don't know about you but I personally know several people that could use some extra help this Holiday Season. Maybe it isn't money or material goods they need. Maybe it is a phone call to the friend who just lost her husband, or maybe helping your grandparents shovel their snow. Maybe instead of buying your mom that stupid $20 gift card because she doesn't really need anything and you don't know what else to get her could go to the utah food bank and they could buy $140 worth of food with it for homeless families. Whatever it might be I am challenging you to PAY IT FORWARD!!

I am a firm believer that serving others is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Stop thinking about yourself and think outside the box. If you think you are having the worst day on earth because you had a flat tire, were late for work, and someone ate your donut.......think about the 17% of people in the United States living in poverty. Think about the young child that was born a meth addict and stricken to a life of poverty, or the first grader who's family can't afford to buy him a coat. The bottom line is so many people in the world need help. Your worries and problems might seem HUMONGOUS to you now. But if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture you will realize that your problems really aren't as big as they seem. And I can promise you that if you serve others you will forget about yourself and your own problems. Your personal worries will seem so small you might forget about them entirely. So my challenge to you is to be more like my little brother Trevor and PAY IT FORWARD this Christmas season.