Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Optimist: Just a Day-Dreamer More Elegantly Spelled

Today's Workout:  35 minutes weights & abs, 3 treadmill miles, no incline, 24 minutes, 5 minutes stretching.
First things first.  I officially have 100 followers!!  I can't believe 100 people are suffering through my grammar errors and reading my shenanigans.  But thank you to each and every one of you.  I truly am inspired by your stories, your blogs, and each and every single comment you leave me.  The blogging community is amazing and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.  If I could send each and everyone of you a personalized 'Thank You' I would but please know that I truly appreciate you and am sincerely thankful!  And not to be all gushy and sentimental or anything but I am also incredibly excited that I hit 100 followers the week of my marathon.  You can guarantee I will be thinking about you all while I am running for 4 hours straight.

Most people who know me personally know that I am one of the most annoyingly optimistic people you will ever meet.  I am totally that person to point out the silver lining in any terrible situation. 

"oh you ran out of gas driving home from work" Me:  at least you were on your way home and not on your way to work and it will be good to sneak some extra exercise in walking to the gas station. :) 

"My life is so terrible, wa wa wa, I can't sell my house, my dog sheds all over it, poor me, poor me, wa wa wa." (this is totally my Mom who has since learned to not call me with her problems.)  Me: Oh no how terrible! (insert sarcasm)  Do you have food to eat?  Do you have a roof over your head? I guess it really isn't that bad then. :)

I could share all sorts of examples but the point is things could usually always be worse and I am quite good at pointing that out.  I am an optimist through and through.  Call it annoying (I would), call it a talent.  It is just who I am.  And now to cut to the chase of this lengthy introduction I wanted to share with you Why I Like Tapering!

Besides having more time to wrestle around with my pup.

1.  I am falling in love with free weights.  I have always lifted weights but quite honestly I have always half assed it.  It has been one of those "well if I get all of my cardio in and am bored I'll lift" or "I'll lift for 15 minutes just to say I did it on the blog." excuses, excuses!!  In the last 10 days I have fallen in love with lifting weights.  The best part?   I weighed myself today to make sure I haven't gained 20 lbs since I started the taper. (which I know I haven't because my clothes fit the exact same.)  I did gain weight, 1 lb.  You were waiting for the awesome part....I measured my body fat also and I am down to 18.5%.  Ding, Ding, Ding.....the light bulb finally went off in my peanut sized brain and I realized the importance of incorporated weight training into your fitness program.  You better believe I will be lifting weights for at least 30 minutes a day 4 days a week from here on out!  This also re-iterated the point that I often try to tell myself that weight truly is just a number and does not determine overall fitness!

2.  I have been spending 30+ extra minutes a night with my bestest friend.  It has been so nice to wake up and just relax in bed for a minute without feeling completely rushed.  Oh how I love you Mr. Bed!
Please ignore the computer from the late 70s.
3.  I have had a lot of extra energy and time to practice some old hidden talents.  And you thought all I could do was run and misspell words?
It is pretty awesome that I can cross my lips like that right?

Headstands are my secret weapon when the hidden talent competition gets competitive.  :)

Outtake.  I was home alone last night and self timer is difficult to master.  Sorry guys!
Tomorrow will be the true test as it will be the first real "rest day".  No weight lifting, no running, and no stepping foot inside of a gym all day long!  What will little miss optimism think of to make it through this one?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Any hidden talents?

I can literally stay in a headstand position for at least 20 minutes and I can still do the Chinese splits!


  1. LOL great pics! Can I ask a tiny favor on this lovely 100 follower day? I just started a blog and today's post was about getting motivated to train. I'm a pessimistic person and I'm really struggling to get my butt in gear. I'd love any words of encouragement that you could provide. Hidden talents?? Well, I'm in a band and I haven't really told anybody yet. Guess the secret is out!

  2. i love your optimism and MAD TAPERING SKILLS!

  3. Funny pics! You are definitely NOT boring!

  4. Great pictures! I love that you're throwing gang signs with fish mouth in the one--I laughed out loud and scared the dog!!
    Congrats on 100 followers!

  5. LOVE the pics. and one more point of optimism. you will NOT be running any where near 4 hours on saturday. trust me. haha!

    yayyyy for 100!!! i totally missed that day on my blog but it felt good to know that 100 people want to read about my rando life. haha. LOVE IT! CONGRATS!

    I try to be an optimist. TImes of stress try to fight that point...but I do my best to hold on to my optimism :)

    Hidden talents. I really do not think I have any. Ummm. dang it. I suck. I gotta keep thinking.

    YAY for MARATHON! being so close!!!

  6. I'm afraid you might lose some followers after those scary pics. Yikes. I'm sure you'll get plenty of exercise tomorrow chasing my little tike around.

  7. oh the rest days... you can do it! i couldn't do a handstand if my life depended on it. ha!

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  9. I'm an optimist who can be a total worry-wart.
    I usually stay very positive and all, but if something is going wrong I always assume the worst (i.e. someone is late/I can't reach them, so they must be hurt)... I really came to realize this while we were trying to get all of the paperwork done for coming over here... Every day that went by without news of whether or not our request to have me come with my husband had been approved, I was sitting there convinced that it wasn't going to happen.

    Hm... maybe I'm not so optimistic afterall, lol

  10. Wahoo look at you 100 followers that's huge I'm trying to get into this whole running blog world!!! And way to go on weight training that's awesome!!!! I like u am a total positive person and it drives people crazy I know it but I love it!!!!!

  11. You'll have to tell me how you fell in love with weight training....I HATE it! I know I should do it, but it's sooo boring to me. :) Can't wait to hear about the marathon!
    I TRY to be an optimist...I'll just leave it at that.
    Hidden talent: I play piano.

  12. YAY 100 followers! You deserve it because you are a silly silly woman who deserves lots of followers :)

    I am an optimist but am a reformed pessimist lol!

    I LOVE me some free weights, Body Pump class made me a convert~

  13. You have been looking very muscular woman!!! We need to lift together. LOVE the headstand picture. I am definitely an optimist too except about my leg is driving me nuts!! I am so excited for your are going to rock it!!!

  14. YAY! Congrats on reaching 100 followers! So exciting. :) I love all of your pics! I seriously admire your optimism. You are just amazing.

  15. You are so funny! I love your blog and I'm so glad you have 100 followers reading it! You deserve it! And I love the bloggng community too! And way to get down to where you wanted to be...I need an ounce of your motivation to get there..>I keep going the wrong way!
    And I'm so freaking excited for your marathon! I am so sad it's all the way in Ogden and I can't just go watch at the finish line! You are going to do amazing and just enjoy it! Don't worry about time and just run the race for enjoyment so that in 3 weeks you can come kill the Utah Valley Marathon without having to worry about the first race jitters! Good luck! I'll be anxiously awaiting a text with an update once your done! LOL

  16. Congrats on 100 followers :)

  17. I'm really impressed with your headstand abilities! I can do it, but definitely not for that long! And YAY for you and your weight lifting. I really do love how it makes me feel.
    You are going to do so great tomorrow! I hope we get to see each other!
    I love that you are an optimist. I am too. Well, I am a realistic optimist!


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