Sunday, September 18, 2011

Top 10

Phew.....I survived living in a van for 4 days and I am home (I'm even dumb enough to do it all over in 4 weeks at Vegas Ragnar) and alive to tell about it! :)  Anyway my brain is far from functioning. I even forgot my address earlier and am still trying to figure out what time zone I live in.  So Since I'm operating on about a 4 year olds level and far from coherent enough to throw together a recap of Napa here are my top 10 highlights from the weekend.   It was such a freaking awesome weekend!!!

1.  I got an e-mail on the drive down Thursday from Team Refuel saying I was a WINNER of the grant!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the votes.  I seriously cannot even thank you enough!  Between reading your guesses on my giveaway and getting this news the drive out to Cali was awesome!

2.  I registered for Boston!!  I woke up early Friday morning and was on my aunts computer right at 7am.  I have not received e-mail confirmation yet but I am crossing my fingers and praying I get in.

3.  I got to meet the fabulous Jessica from reRun Running and I was seriously star struck!!  This girl is even more amazing in real life and it was so fun to meet her and her husband Jason!

4.  I got to meet the sweetest Hannah from A Happy Balance and she was so cute and I am so excited to start following her blog.

5.  I asked Sea Level to marry me and it accepted.  Seriously wow it loved me so much I was sucking in enough air to fill up a hot air balloon.  Howly oxygen overload, but man that was fun.

6.  My injury did not bother me to much and I ran with a big smile on my face the entire time.  Being injured reminds me of why I love running.

7.  Napa was freaking gorgeous!!  Seriously running through the vineyards was breathe taking.

8.  We finished!!!!!  I do not have an official time yet but we ran minus a runner and finished an hour faster than our projected time.

9.  The Utes beat BYU in football!!!  Sorry to all my BYU friends.  I still love you but I am a Utah fan through and through and that was just the icing on the cake of an awesome weekend.

10.  And last but definitely not least my amazing friend Amy BQ'd at her very first marathon ever!!  I may have been texting her obsessively and driving her crazy all day but boy am I so so happy for her.  I'm not sure if it was due to sleep deprivation or the fact that I ran 24 miles in 24 hours but I cried like a baby when I got her message about BQ'ing. 

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Brag and spill the beans.  I am behind on blogging, reading blogs and commenting but I will get caught up.  I have missed everyone so much!!


  1. oh my gosh!! so exciting! what a weekend. Love it all. COngrats friend. and please, come visit me at SEA LEVEL!

  2. Congrats on a great weekend and congrats to Amy as well! What an amazing weekend for both of you!

  3. Um.... RUNNING A BOSTON QUALIFYING MARATHON!!!!! What would I have done without you this weekend? Rachelle, I am forever grateful for a blog because I found you as a friend. Your advice was priceless for me. I followed it to a T, and THAT is why I was able to pull a BQ on my first marathon. NO. LIE.

    So happy you could run this weekend! I hear you on the injury thing- I ran this race one mile at a time and I'm sure you felt the same way. I can't wait to do Vegas with you!!!!!!!!!!!

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Did this weekend really happen???? :)

  4. Rachelle, thanks for coming by and seeing us, although short this weekend. I regret not pulling out the camera. I guess you must come back sometime.

  5. I LOVE you, Rachelle!!! It was so fun to meet you in real life... And I'm pretty sure I was the one who was star struck!!!

    I am so stoked for you for winning the chocomilk thing and for the Boston Marathon and for your Ragnar in 4 weeks... you are my hero!!!
    I love the pics you took!!! You are so dang cute and amazing!!

    And CONGRATUFREAKINLATIONS to Amy for her killer BQing marathon time!!! (and that's coming off some pretty crazy injury bumps there at the end...) Great job AMY! I love that picture of her! I don't think there could be a better image to describe the joy/thrill of running victories!!! Yea!!!

  6. this entire post is so awesome, rachelle!! :D

  7. Love this post! My weekend comes no where close to the awesomeness of yours! I did have killer times on the track this morning if it still counts. Monday is a part of my weekend...
    LOVE that picture of Amy! Awesome!

  8. I'm so glad your injury didn't slow you down this weekend. Ragnar seems like such an amazing experience--I haven't heard anything bad about it YET! Sign me up!

  9. Congrats on getting picked a winner for Team REFUEL...happy for you! The Ragnar race sounds like a great time and I think I may have to sign up for one next year. ;)

  10. Congrats on getting Team Refuel! That is so awesome!!! I have my fingers crossed that I will be joining you. Thanks for all the votes you send my way, every single one means so much to me!

    Looks like the Ragnar was a lot of fun! and Way to go to your friend Amy on her first marathon, so awesome!~

  11. I am soooooo happy you got on team refuel :D I voted as much as I remembered - or you reminded me ;) lol I love all your napa valley pics. I really like how happy you look all the time - and especially in that hot running pic /w your orange and yellow ensemble :D you are so awesome! I can't wait till hear about your times

    I love Jess and I can't help but feel sad I wasnt there to meet you. Maybe next year or in a few years once I can run longer than 3 miles and faster than 10min/mile LOL

    Congrats on your prize pack!!!

  12. PS: I now have more to say since I just had to literally LOOK UP what "BQ'd" even meant - Boston Qualified!!! YAY no wonder she looks so happy....and *blush* I am such an amateur

  13. Congrats on team refuel, I definitely voted! I'm so sorry to hear about your injury, but I know you will still KILL St. George in 2 weeks! I ran TOU this weekend (3:55, yay!) and I am also running St. George in 2 weeks, crap!!! So I am looking to you for your advice on how to run 2 marathons in 2 weeks?? This year, I know you did 2 marathons in 3 weeks and that is close enough. Is there anyway you could tell me how much rest you took and when you started running again and how long the long runs were and what the taper was like, or was the whole 3 weeks just a taper??? Sorry, so many questions but I could totally use the advice, don't want to completely bomb the 2nd one. If you had time, email me at or blog about how to do back to back marathons....... whatever! Thanks so much Rachelle!!!

  14. I am so happy that Ragnar was good to you! I was worried about your injury! What a fun race.

    Time for me to brag--I ran my first marathon this weekend and I didn't die!!! Success!!

  15. It was so awesome to meet you! I'm glad you had a great ragnar! (I'm jealous you get to do it again so soon!)

    Congrats on registering for Boston and thats so awesome about Amy's BQ!

    Lets see other then Ragnar and meeting you, highlights of the weekend include REGISTERING FOR MY FIRST MARATHON! I can't wait!

  16. Oh my goodness you got the grant!!!!!!! So so so happy and excited for you!

    Also, I love the Ragnar pics and I'm super jealous you and Jess got to meet and hang out. My turn! Someday...when I don't live out of the country... Or maybe you come visit???

  17. CONGRATS!! And I knew you would win Team Refuel ;)

  18. Congrats on Ragnar, Boston sign up the Milk thing and everything! So happy for you. You are adorable in that field of flowers and grapes!


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