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Las Vegas Ragnar Relay Recap

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**The giveaway winner will be announced as soon as the final team times are released from Ragnar so stay tuned for that!

If I had to sum up the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay in one word it would be FUNJust so much fun!  Amylee and Julia both wrote amazing recaps and there is absolutely no way I can top what they said so I suggest you head on over to they're blogs and read their recaps right now.

This race was incredibly monumental for me because last year it was my first real running event besides a couple of 5ks and 10ks. Last year I showed up to run in my Ross shoes and didn't have a clue about pacing or running up hills!  I learned SO MUCH from the race last year and could not wait to run it again.

My only real goal going into it was to have fun, support my team well, and make memories.  All of which I am proud to say I accomplished.  Running wise I had no real goals.  I hadn't ran fast at all since the marathon and truly had no idea what I was capable of.  I knew I wanted to try to run fast but more than anything I wanted to enjoy the experience.  Sometimes just taking the pressure off is most important and that is what I did.
Meet our van:  I think I have shared in the past that the main reason I love Ragnar is because of the camaraderie and team work.  None of us could accomplish 188 miles on our own but together we make it happen.  Love that!

Runner # 7 Ken - the fearsome leader and first runner in our van!  Ken undoubtedly had the hardest legs of the race and ran them all with a smile.  He is full of energy and never slows down.
Runner #9 Travis - My awesome cousin and newbie runner extraordinaire!  Travis was seriously inspiring to me, he just started running and is already faster than me. He is a smart runner and it was really exciting to share this experience with him.  He may never talk to me ever again after I embarrassed him so much but that is okay.
Runner #10 Julia - The always amazing and strong girl that we all admire!  Julia is my running bff for life and I love her to death.  Julia and I have an amazing friendship, we understand each other, we support each other, and we are just like sisters.  She inspires me on a daily basis and she overcame some incredibly hard obstacles during her last leg of the race.  I am very proud of her.
Runner #11 Amylee - The skinny but fierce ball of fire!  Amy is kind of my running twin and idol.  We run very similar paces and I am always looking up to her and copying her training.  Although I felt like I already knew her through her blog she showed me how strong, positive, and fast she really is.  She had hard legs and she never quit.  She was an amazing example to me throughout the race.
Runner #12 Heather - Ken's sister and the funnest and most caring person I have ever met!  Heather is a true inspiration to me and a wonderful example of how working hard really pays off.  I ran with Heather in Napa and she improved her overall pace in Vegas by over a minute!!  She worked hard and more than anything Heather is mentally strong.  I look up to her and am very proud of the way she ran.
As you can see I was in good hands and I had an amazing group of people to run with.  I could not have asked for a better team and every single one of them make me incredibly proud.  They all ran they're hearts out and left everything they had out in the desert.  I look up to each of them in so many ways and they all make me want to be a better person.  Ragnar really isn't about running.  It is about friendship, having fun, enjoying the moment, and building everlasting relationships.
The entire group.  Amy, Ken, Travis, Mike, Ridge, Jeffrey, John, Julia, Lance, Roxie, and Heather

Unfortunately all of these awesome and amazing people were stuck with me and forced to deal my crazy shenanigans!  I'll be honest when I admit that I had easy legs of the race.  I picked the easiest leg because I was  lazy  worried about how I would run so close after the marathon.  I surprised myself and ran well and consistent.
Leg 1:  This was my hardest leg but it truly wasn't anything compared to some of the other's legs.  The main obstacle was the 90 degree heat.  But I just ran controlled and consistent.  4.6 miles, 7:12 pace.

Leg 2:  I couldn't help but love this leg.  I mean I was dressed up as spiderman after all and it was the middle of the night and nice and cool out.  What could be better?  I just had fun, smiled, and was reminded of why I love running.  I didn't listen to music and it was incredibly peaceful and serene.  People starred at me but I was cool with that.  4.16 miles, 6:59 pace.

Yup seriously ran in this.  No shame at all.
Leg 3:  My last leg was all downhill and although I was incredibly fatigued I was most excited about this leg.  I ran so consistently that I even impressed myself.  I felt smooth, relaxed, and powerful the entire time.  It was such a great feeling.  It was hot (maybe 85?) but I tried to stay calm and not think about the heat.  5.71 miles, 6:35 pace.

Running Summary:  I am improving as a runner and this is the first time I can say I actually ran smart.  I am learning what I am capable of and I am growing.  Speed and paces aside I am happy with the way I ran and the improvements I have made.

Now back to the fun stuff!  Here are some pictures for your entrainment.  Again I will sum this up with the word FUN.  I had A LOT of FUN!

Crossing the finish line after 188 miles of pure FUN.

Just being the weirdo that I am.

I really have no idea.  But I was happy and energetic after no sleep and little to eat.  Ragnar is like a drug I swear.

I tried to bring this guy home with me for family dinner but couldn't convince him to come.  Sorry Mom!

Meeting up with the amazing Becky after her first leg.

And last but not least....TRIPLE MEDALS.
So there you have it.  Now who wants to party I mean run a Ragnar with my crazy ass?

I'm pretty sure my teammates got enough embarrassment out of me after this adventure and I'm going to need some new volunteers.


  1. Wow! Your team sounds like the best ever! Sounds like a blast! So fun!

    And you were a crazy speedy gal! Holy smokes!

  2. AWESOME job girl!! You guys look like you are having so much fun!! I am so glad it was such a good race for you in every aspect. Congratulations!!! I love that you got 3 medals. Cute spidey costume. I bet that made you EXTRA fast!! Haha!

  3. WOW! Your pace is incredible!! I'm so proud of you. It's truly amazing how far you've come and how fast it has happened. Amazing. Thanks for running me in on my first leg!

  4. That's incredible! I had already read their recaps and I think all three of you summed it up really well-FUN! Can't wait to hear what the final time was!

  5. So much fun! Way to go on running smart and fast! I wish you could join our Ragnar team!!

  6. That looks like so much fun and y'all had a great time. I watched Hood to Coast and it looked pretty amazing! Glad you had a great time and your times looked incredible after just running a marathon! Great job. You're hugging a man in Underoos ... no judgement.

  7. Glad to see you had so much fun!

  8. i said to Julia, but I must ay it again. YOu gals are the COOLEST! so proud and wish I could have been there to cheer!

  9. I already read Julia's recap I'll have to go stalk Amylee......I love your jump photo...and the intros to everyone! nice race girl :D

  10. Awesome! I ran Ragnar NY in 2010. Running Ragnar Mass. In 2012! Can't wait! Such a fun event!

  11. omg. i dont really even know where to start. this relay truly marked a year of our journey together for me. i felt so blessed and grateful to be right back where we started but a year later with the improvement, knowledge, etc. Plus it is so rare (aka never) that I get to watch you run. You are a true inspiration to me...from your form, the way you look so graceful and happy as you run, your energy, your positivity, your strength to what goes without saying...your speed. you literally look like you are flying (but peacefully) in all your photos.

    last weekend was so special to me. i felt honored to share the experience with you again. and grateful to know you so that I can learn from you. but mostly just because i am thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY for your friendship. i actually cried on the way home today thinking about having to leave utah. so dumb. but i just knew you were going to write your review and I didnt know if I could read it...i dont want to think about days where i cant just jump in a car and go run/be crazy/get lost in big cities with you ;) you are amazing. thanks for everything! and congrats on an incredible running year!

  12. Looks like a lot of fun! I gotta do one of these relays next year.

  13. And Rachelle FLYS down the mountain!!! LITERALLY. So freaking cool! You are an incredible runner and I am in awe of you. Thank you for always making me want to push harder and run faster rather than settling for where I'm at. I would Ragnar with you any time!!!!! I keep thinking about that Del Sol offer and how awesome it would be :). Your comment about your Ross shoes last year cracks me up. We were so naive then! Wasn't it great?! Ha ha. In a way, that is. I loved our team. I felt like we were all just teeming with positivity and it made me happy! And, seriously, you should have gotten underoo guy's number. I bet with a shave he'd be pretty hot! Ha ha!

  14. Looks like a blast! Great job with the running and pacing you little speedster! i wish I lived closer to you, I would run them with you!

  15. You girls are so inspiring! Loved reading this! And still impressed that you can run in a Spiderman costume...I mean really!
    Count me in for the next Ragnar!!!

  16. way to rock it girl!!! you kicked butt on those legs and I love that costume haha.

  17. Dude, there are not many people who could run sub 7:00 minute miles with a spiderman suit on. You rocked it.

  18. Looks like so much fun! Love the pics!

  19. OMG. The underwear man. Seriously laughing outloud! Congrats on completing another Ragnar! You are amazing!

  20. Love the underwear guy, he is actually my son's wrestling coach and he is pretty hot after a shave and haircut ;)
    You are super speedy, maybe one of these races that we are both at I will actually meet you! I'm sure I will since I run with Miss Amylee.

  21. You are amazing!! I am glad you had fun in Vegas, though I am bummed you couldn't join us at yogurtland. Can't wait to run the Colorado Ragnar with you!!

  22. I would seriously love to run a ragnar with you guys! the Ragnar they have near me is less than exciting I have heard, and the relay I have run twice is the "13 Relay"

    Your experience (and recap of it) looks amazing! You guys really did have a blast, and whoa speeddemon!

  23. I loved reading this recap. The pictures totally exemplify with Ragnar is all about. You and Julia got it going on!

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