Monday, October 10, 2011

Slow & Easy

Today's Workout:  20 minutes weights, 8 treadmill miles, 1-2% incline, 64 minutes.

PM:  2 mile easy, 8:09 pace, perfect weather.

As I slowly ease into the work week I am full of joy, satisfaction, and memories as I reflect on my "slow & easy" weekend.  No races, no planned training runs, and no obligations.  Usually I thrive on staying busy but having a weekend to myself without a schedule was refreshing and just what I needed.

Saturday I took my running on a "slow and easy" therapy run.  It was 39 degrees and raining and I set out without an ipod and without a plan.  I didn't care how far I went, or how fast or how slow I was.  I just wanted to run for me and the pure thrill of adventure.  It was exhilarating and I was so happy and thankful to just be running.  My legs felt surprisingly light, the mild rain was perfect, and the cool breeze felt refreshing.  I ran a familiar route but I noticed new things.  It was thrilling, fun, and one of those runs that reminds me why I run.

10 miles, 8:22 average pace. 

The rest of the day was "slow and easy" and spent with family.  We caught up while eating lunch.  We reminisced, we laughed, and we smiled.  We set out to my parents new house to "get things done" but instead we just enjoyed our time together without projects, deadlines, or interruptions.  It was perfect!

My Mom and Dad's new house.
The view from the back porch.

Sunday was no different.  I slowly rolled out of bed without an alarm and met Julia at the track.  The pups reunited and me and Julia walked, and walked, and walked.  Time flew by and I didn't care because I was in no hurry.  It felt so good to just walk, talk, and not feel guilty about taking it "slow and easy." (P.S. check out this website where me and Julia are featured as part of a promo for the Halloween half marathon.  We are famous!)
Best dog friends for life!

Seriously way too busy playing for a decent picture!

So there you have it.  Nothing exciting happened all weekend but it was memorable because I took the time to slow down and take it easy.  Cheesy I know but something I desperately needed.

How often do you slow down and take it easy?

Any big news I missed out on?

My parents have no cable or Internet at they're new house and I was there most of the weekend so catch me up.


  1. Your slow & easy days are faster than my fastest days... you're a rockstar. :) I definitely have trouble running without pace/time goals because I've been between injuries for so long I always feel behind!

  2. seriously inspire me. You really always have but its posts like these that remind me that you are always the best at reminding me of the important things in life. Sunday was seriously my favorite day of the weekend and it made me so happy to watch the pups play. Riley was SO happy and it was tough seeing her so sad when we left :( already looking forward to next week!

    ahh and this just made me so frustrated with myself. my saturday run felt awesome...i just ran and turned around when I wanted. I ran the same distance today and felt like I was dying. I know it was I went in with "well...gotta get back to the gym. get in shape. train" blah blah blah. I need to realize that I can do both but that the "slow and easy" is the most important part to keep around! thanks friend! looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  3. burrr, looks cold already! is it? glad you had a chill weekend. I know you needed it too!

  4. This is totally how I feel. I skipped a long run (and am doing my best to not feel guilty about it). I mostly hung out with theater kids and laughed so hard I cried. Good times.

    That view is awesome! I'm out of the news loop too, but I still know that you're famous! Super stoked on the Halloween Half over here.

  5. It's nice to have a little break every once in a while. I'm looking forward to a few days off after these upcoming races. I LOVE racing, but it's starting to wear on me mentally a little. Have a great week!

  6. I must actually try a weekend like that at some stage. It sounds really good. I never slow down and know I should. Beautiful house and splendid view!

  7. Nice run! I love runs like that. It is so nice to run for the sake of running sometimes!

  8. Awww! You two look cute on the website. I am thinking about running it too. What are you dressing up as?

  9. Ahhh, those pups are seriously adorable. :) Way to take it easy! You deserve it!

  10. Still amaze me with your "slow easy run"!! :) Glad you have such a relaxing weekend to unwind - everyone needs some of those every now and then!!!

  11. umm I love your hat. and the pups :D cute The new house looks great /w great view.

  12. I can't believe you're already running in cold fall gear! Craziness!! Love the outfit!! (;

    Your photo backdrops are always incredible. What a view!!

  13. Love that first picture of you!!! You look so cute all bundled up and ready for your run... I want to come run in Utah with you!!! (I also loved the Halloween Half picture... buff!)

    I think slow and easy days, or weeks even, are so necessary from time to time, especially when you can just go out and run wherever and for however long just to enjoy it... those runs can be so therapeutic, I think.

    I've been taking a few slow days, myself... sometimes the speed and distance and drive is what makes me feel on top of the world, and sometimes I just need a slow day to recover and notice all the beautiful stuff around me. :)

  14. Their view is beautiful! I'm sure there will be lots of great memories for you all in their new house!


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