Monday, December 12, 2011

And Thats a "Wrap"

Today's Workout:  40 minutes weights, 8 miles running, 60 minutes

As I was wrapping Christmas gifts last night I couldn't help but find myself reflecting on my life and thinking about how so many things seem to be "wrapping up" for the year.  All good and exciting things but experiences that make me reminisce and appreciate how far I have come in my life over the year.

My wrapping skills. :)

Last week I "wrapped up" a major project at work. It felt great to get this project completed and this accomplishment helped me to reflect on how far I have come in my career.  It is very exciting to say that I genuinely love what I do and love being around the people I work with.

Last Sunday I officially "wrapped up" my 2011 running season with an incredibly memorable fourth marathon.  I will cherish this day forever and wrapping up this memory was hard but I promise to never forget the moment.  I always want to remember the triumph I felt as I crossed that finish line hand in hand with my bestest friend.

Reminiscing on a great year of running with some great friends last night.  Julia, Janae, and Amylee.

I am in the process of "wrapping up" school for the semester and feel good about the balance it brings to my life.  I feel a great sense of accomplishment after I complete each semester.

As 2011 comes to an end I find myself "wrapping up" the year and closing another chapter of my life.  A wonderful chapter full of memories, achievements, failures, learning experiences and triumphs.  Definitely a chapter worth looking back on. 

 If I had to define the year in one word it would be growth.  I have grown as a runner, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a manager, and as an individual.  I truly believe I have become a better person and I hope and pray I have been a good example and influenced those around me for the better.  Each night before I go to bed I think about my day and whether or not Trevor would be proud of my actions and the way I treated others throughout the day.  Keeping Trevor in the forefront of my mind has enhanced my outlook, my attitude, and my pride and I look forward to continually improving myself in the future. 

A few things I have learned in 2011 that I want to always remember as I continue to grow in 2012:

  • I CAN do hard things
  • Attitude always determines outcome
  • Everyday is a new gift
  • I run Because I can
  • Life is worth the fight
  • I cannot control everything that happens to me but I can control the way I react to circumstances.
  • The most important thing in life is people not accomplishments or material goods.  When I leave this earth I do not want people to remember what I did for a living or my fastest 5k PR.  I want them to remember me for being a good person and always serving and loving those around me.
What is the most important thing you learned in 2011?

These are just a few of the things I learned.  It truly was a year of self-growth and I can only hope that I can continue to grow as I move forward.


  1. wow. so your point to say that we cannot control what happens but how we react to them hit me so hard. like maybe slapped me. haha. okay. jk. but really. so often i want to have control over everything. it scares me not to. i start getting caught up in what i can or cant control. as i do this...i forget that i could change it just by looking at it differently. by not letting it control me at all but by having a positive attitude or at least a grounded attitude.

    it really is incredible how much one can truly grow in a year.

    friend. you mean the world to me. every time we hang out lately i just feel so lost in the moment...a good thing! because i am just appreciating the time. then when its over...i cant wait for our next adventure.

    also. this is the BEST blog post i have read in weeks. not kidding. not just by anyone. thanks for sharing

    oh. and i actually thought about how crappy my gift wrapping skills are and how awesome yours have always been as i was wrapping your gift. thanks for hiding my crappy skills in that pic. probably smart ;)

  2. Love this post!! You always have such amazing insights! I've seriously been missing you and your positivity in my life these last few months. Next pregnancy I'm just going to have Jason read your posts to me when I get sick!

    I always get so jealous when you and those other cool bloggers get together! I seriously love living in California, but gosh, stuff like that makes me want to move back to Utah!

    And finally, way to rock FOUR marathons this year! You absolutely amaze me!!! :)

  3. I love your post! You are so full of good insight!
    I think that the most important thing I learned in 2011 is that my kids will love me no matter what I give them or don't, it's not the things that I give them that make them happy, but the time I give them. I really tried to make it a priority to spend more quality time with my girls, especially one on one time, this year and will do that even more next year.

  4. fantastic post, and what an incredible year it was! You have such a great head on your shoulders (and not in a creepy mom way - but seriously you have it together!).

    I agree with Jess above, I would love some fro-yo or dinner dates out this way!

  5. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! I am so in love with it.

    You also reminded me I have to wrap gifts tonight! Time sure does fly.

    Yes I did finish the giant margarita. And it cost more than my meal did!

  6. I loved that last part...about people being the only thing that really matters. I think we all get so wrapped up in to do's that we forget to just appreciate the people in our lives. I had to learn that the hard way when my daughter was little and all I cared about, it seemed, was having a spotless house. One day when she spilled juice on my freshly cleaned wood floors and I flipped out, she said "I'm sorry all you care about is your stupid floor!" That was tough to hear but she had a point. Sorry, I had a little tangent there. Anyways, great job on a good year :)

  7. Love your positive outlook on life! It seems like you have had a very successful and happy year :o) I don't know about you, but I've already written my 2012 resolutions to make next year even better!

  8. This may be my favorite post you've done yet Rachelle. I feel the same way about this time of the year and having my birthday right before Christmas really makes me feel like I'm closing out a year of my life at the same time we are starting a new calendar year.

  9. tons and tons of growth! i agree and its been a huge inspiration to us all to watch.

  10. Wow! Great post sista. Thanks for always being such a positive influence in my life. I think the biggest thing I learned in 2011 is sometimes you have to just let things go. Your house can't always be clean when you have young kids, you can't get everything on your "to do" list done everyday, stuff happens that is out of your control sometimes. Just be happy and things will work out. Focus on whats most important, which is definitely the people around you.

  11. I think the most important thing I have learned is to be flexible.

    You've had an amazing year!! Congrats on some amazing successes and lessons learned. You are incredible.

  12. Great post. I think growth would be a great word for me too or maybe the one that (if I remember right) I chose at the beginning of the year was 'stretch'. To stretch myself, do things that were hard...I'd say I'm doing just that. :) Congrats on your fourth marathon! Too cool. Jessica

  13. You are awesome and I remember you as an amazing person every single day. I love reading your posts and your positive outlook on life is incredible. You are such a strong and beautiful person inside and out.

    This year I learned that I am capable of so much more than I think. Physically and mentally, I have challenged myself and proven myself wrong on so many occasions! And I'm going to keep pushing in 2012!

  14. You are wise beyond your years and I so admire your positive, grateful attitudetowrd everything. Of course Trevor is proud of you. How could he not be?
    This has been a trying year running wise because I've struggled. A lot. But you know what? The year doesn't define me and I pushed through and know I'll emerge stronger and wiser.

  15. What a great post. You are so wise, Rachelle. You are a kind person and you are so inclusive of others. That is what I'll remember about you.


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