Thursday, March 31, 2011

I go through Shoes like most people go through underwear...

Today's Workout:  15 minutes shoulders, 7.25 mile recovery run, 1% incline, 56 minutes.  (I read in shape yesterday that running at 0% incline is actually comparative to a slight decline on most treadmills.  I don't know how true this statement is but it definitely motivated me to keep the incline at a .5-1%.)
Weekly Goal Update (taking my vitamins) :  4 days in a row peeps.  Going strong.
*First off I would like to thank everyone so much for their comments on Yesterdays post.  I started the post during lunch at work and decided I wouldn't post it because I was being a big fat self obsessed baby and I HATE to wine and complain about my silly little insecurities.  But then I decided to go ahead and share it because it is what I was feeling and I do strive to keep it real on the blog.  So thank you again for being so kind and compassionate.

Okay so pity party is over, the sun is shining, I spent the entire afternoon at the park with my nephew James and I am feeling completely rejuvenated.

It's time to talk running shoes.  I am HARD on shoes.  I always have been.  You can even ask Momma Sue.  All the sibs got one or two pair of new shoes a year and well I was in need of a new pair every other month.  I have no idea what is wrong with me and I try to blame it on my dog but the truth is I really just go through shoes like a mad women.  I run mostly treadmill miles so I have no excuse, but what can you do?

I noticed when I was lacing up for the 5k last Saturday that the original Asics (from early December 2010) have holes.  Yeah they are not just worn down from mileage, they have massive, gaping, my toes are sticking out the side holes.

The evidence and my incredibly awkward WOOPS face!

These babies have got me a 10k and a 5k PR.  They will always hold a special place in my heart.
Since I go through shoes about as rapidly as I go through food these days I was determined to find some cheap new kicks.  I do have my other Asics that I rotate into the mix but 1 pair of running shoes is just not enough when I am pounding 50+ miles a week. 

I found the new shoes online at running warehouse.  I over pronate slightly so I went with a style that adds extra stability for pronators like myself.  I decided to go with a different brand, since it is suggested to trade off brands.  These shoes were 55% off at runners warehouse which made them $49.00, add in SR's 10% discount that you can find Here and these bad boys were $43.03.  They also offer free shipping inside of the United States.  I ordered them today and the estimated delivery date 04/04.  Talk about quick, easy, and cheap! 

Mizuno Wave Inspire 6
 If you go through shoes like I do and can't afford a $100.00 dollar pair of running shoes every other month I would highly suggest you check out running warehouse.  They are having a huge blow out sell on shoes right now so definitely check them out Here.  If you don't know what kind of shoes you need I would highly suggest getting a gait analysis done.  You can have this done at any local running store and they wont even force you to buy their shoes.

What are your favorite brand of running shoes?

I am a huge Asics and Nike fan but I decided to go with something new.  I have heard a lot of good things about the Mizuno Waves so I will let you all know how it goes.  Also as a side note running warehouse has an option where you can type in your current shoe model and size and it will tell you what size you need in the shoe you are ordering.  Awesome right?  I wear a 6.5 in Asics and it told me I would need a 7 in Mizunos.

What are you hard on?

I am hard on basically everything and not on purpose I swear.  I don't know what is wrong with me but I go through shoes, pants, underwear, and socks like crazy.  I still swear to this day that the Dryer eats my clothes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today's Workout:  20 minutes biceps and a few abs. 
Speed Work: 5 mile repeats with .25 mile break in between.  This workout was harder than the last.  I wanted to do 6 miles but just didn't have it in me.  My right shin is incredibly sore.  I am planning to rock the compression sleeves as soon as I get home.
Mile 1:  warm up 8:30 pace
Mile 2:  6:31 .5% incline
Mile 3:  6:35 .5%
Mile 4:  6:35 .5%
Mile 5:  6:35 0%
Mile 6:  6:35 0%
Mile 7-8:  cool down 8:30 pace.
Weekly Goal: (taking the vitamins)  3 days in row everyone.  Please clap for me like a 2 year old and reward me with high fives and spider man toys.  :)
"We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies."

So I've been having one of those weeks.
  • My forehead has broke out with acne like a 13 year old boy going through puberty and I just know everyone is starring at me.
  • I gained 4 pounds overnight.
  • I feel fat in everything I put on.
  • My muffin top is hanging over my pants like it's a new stylish accessory.
  • My hair looks like it was stuck in a light bulb, sprayed with hairspray, and then ratted into a nest.
  • I can't even imagine my fat ass running 26.2 miles when I can't even do 6 miles of speed work without nearly fainting and grasping the treadmill for dear life. (I thought I would have to call 911 to bring in the oxygen tank.)
  • Every time I look in the mirror I wonder why people don't point out how awkward the shape of my head is and how greasy my forehead looks because I am trying to cover up the zits.
The list goes on and on. I have probably told myself how fat and disgusting I am at least 20 times this week and  how I need to resist the brownies and eat a celery stick, blah blah blah.  "You're not good enough for a brownie Rachelle."  Everyone else can have a brownie but not you because you are weak.   You need to be strong you need to restrict and resist.  (Me and my mind have a lot of interesting conversations.)

Anyway I have realized that nobody else is thinking these terrible things about me that I am telling myself.  I am feeding myself full of lies.  I am being my own biggest enemy and I am the one making myself miserable.  I think we all have these days when we feel like we look like we weigh 5 thousand pounds, or we just want to curl up in a ball and hide in a corner because we aren't good enough, or we feel like we will never achieve success.

I would never talk to any of my friends or family this way, so why am I treating myself with such hatred and cruelty?  Because for some reason when we look at others we see the good.  The "wow you improved your 5K time by 3 minutes you rock." or the "You look so cute today I love your outfit."  I am constantly giving others compliments.  I am always noticing the great amazing things that others do.

But then sometimes when I talk to myself it is so easy to criticize.  Yesterday I stood in the mirror and picked my zits for 15 minutes, next I tugged at my belly fat, and looked in the mirror sideways sticking out my (enormous in my head) stomach!  (I haven't exhibited this type of behavior since I was a waif and weighed less than 90 pounds.)

Today I was reading Shape magazine feeling all bad for my poor chubby zit head self and it hit me.  Does the way I look really determine my self worth?  Am I really that caught up in the number on the scale or the size of my waist to let it control how I feel about myself?

When I weighed 71 pounds was I confident?  NO

Do I feel confident now when I look in the mirror and see shape, muscles, and most importantly my inner glow?  Hell yes

I realized that being thinner, prettier or smarter will not make me anymore confident or a better person.  More importantly being self obsessed will turn me into the opposite of who I want and strive to be.   I must be confident with who I am and feel good about the person I have become.  I am glad I experienced this little rut because it helped me to realize what is really important in life.  What is important to me is being healthy inside and out, being confident with who I am and with my body and most importantly setting a positive example for those around me.
What makes you feel confident?

The muscles I am starting to see in my arms and wearing my favorite pair of true religion jeans make me feel confident.

Now I challenge you to tell me three things you like about yourself.  Ready, Set, Go!  Talk to yourself like you talk to your friends and family.

I like my ability to sense when others need something or are feeling down.  I like my smile and my brown eyes.  And I like my sense of humor.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

Today's Workout:  20 minutes triceps.  9.5 miles treadmill. first 5 at 1% incline and last 4.5 at .5%.  I wussed out on the incline because my legs were screaming.  2nd official speed workout tomorrow.  Eeeeeep!
Weekly Goal:  (taking my vitamins)  I did it!  I took them.  Now to work on the healthy eating.  Forever a work in progress with me but I will get it down eventually.
I am jumping on board with the Triple Tangent Tuesday.

1.  My Dad called me yesterday and informed me that he reads my blog.  I didn't know he knew how to turn on a computer......but SURPRISE he does. (apparently his work requires him to use a computer these days........geesh!)  Anyway I would like to publicly apologize to him for blaming him for my broad shoulders, wide feet, crazy cheese obsession, and for saying his wife has a big ass.  :)  Love ya Daddy!

2.  I have a secret crush on Taco Bell.  Me and Trevor were frequent taco bell offenders back in the day.  We have been known to ditch school and drive from Nephi to Spanish Fork in High School (a 30 minute drive) just to engage upon the magical meety, cheesy, beany goodness.  I literally don't think I've been there in over a year....crazy!  Trevor would seriously be so disappointed.
3.  I am clumsy!  Today I busted out some high heeled sandals (since it's 45 degrees in Payson and all) and I tripped over my own feet twice.  I tried to make it look elegant like I was doing a trick but by the time I caught myself I had ran into a small child knocking them down with me.  Woops!  I also ran into a bar bell at the gym last week and banged my head hard.  I started seeing stars and everyone just starred and pointed.  (One thing that sucks about being short is that gym equipment is eye level.)

Do your parents read your blog?

Mine both do and I embarrass them on a daily bases. 

What is your fast food guilty pleasure?

Double Decker Taco from Taco Bell.  99 cents of deliciousness.

Are you clumsy? 

I like to blame my clumsiness on all of my 5 inch hooker boots.  I don't own a pair of shoes (besides running shoes) that aren't at least 2 inches high.  When I invent high heeled running shoes you will all be jealous!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Caught in the Clouds...

Today's Workout:  15 minutes biceps & abs, 8.25 miles on the treadmill 1% incline, 64 minutes.
Weekly Goal:  Take those dang vitamins.  And start fresh with the healthy eating thing.  I am terrible at taking pills.  It is a good thing my life isn't dependent on them or I would have been dead years ago.  I don't know why it's so hard for me but this week I am really going to concentrate on taking them at the same time everyday and hopefully this will get me in the habit.  If you are wondering the vitamins I plan to start taking every day are a 500 milligram Omega-3, and a multivitamin.
Today I have found myself Day Dreaming.  I may or may not have pretended to not hear my employees because I was caught in a fog.

Whats been on my mind?

Seeing this at the end of the Utah Valley Marathon.

Hanging out with Julia, my sister and baby James all summer Here.  (Seven Peaks season passes.)

Eating these each and every single day.

And hanging out with this kid when he comes to stay this Summer.  Or move in as he calls it.

I have caught a terrible case of Spring/Summer fever.  Besides the things mentioned above I am looking forward to running outside, walks at the track, tennis, taking my nieces and nephews to the zoo, picnics, fun run 5Ks, spending way more time with my family than a 25 year old should, eating fresh salsa, eating watermelon, the 4th of July barbeque's, and last but not least my lover the sun! 

Call me crazy but when it is nice out I feel an instant surge of endorphins.  Something about the sun just turns on a switch inside of me and makes me forget about all my worries and enjoy the care free days of summer. 

Now if only they were really care free and my day dream included the summers off of work.  :(  One can always dream.  :)

Are you a Day Dreamer?

If you answered no then let me borrow you my 8-5 desk job for 1 day and I'm sure you'll change your mind.

What are you looking forward to this spring/summer? 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miss Lindon 5K, new PR, and my family rocks!

Let me start by saying that I love my family unconditionally no matter what.  However I LOVE my family so much more when they run!!!!  Seriously what could be more awesome than running a race with my bestest Sister and her super supportive husband Jared.  This was such a fun race and great experience and I could not be more proud of my Sister and my Brother in law.

I woke up this morning with the worst stomach ache ever.  So so stupid of me to eat redvines before bedtime.  I should have known better.  Anyway I tried to stay calm and ate a granola bar.  I felt a lot better and off I went to meet up with Amber and Jared.  My parents came up to watch baby James since he was still asleep and they were running late.  The got to the house around 8:30 and the race started at 9.  We hopped in the car and off to Lindon we went.  We got to the race 10 minutes before the start and it was FREEZING.  The weather report says it was 25 degrees at the beginning of the race.  Jared's sister Brooke got a registered and we were ready to go.

Before the race started we were introduced to Hunter.  The absolute cutest boy in the entire world.  This race was dedicated to him and all proceeds went to this little boy.  Hunter is deaf, cannot use sign language due to shorter than normal arms, and is in need of a $85,000 surgery to help him to hear.  Seeing and hearing this little boys story was heart warming and I felt so great running for such a great cause.  No shirts, no prizes, just running to help out this little boy.

After meeting Hunter the race was off.  I was a little nervous at the beginning because I was incredibly unfamiliar with the area.  Luckily there was a 13 year old boy who kicked my trash and I was able to keep him in sight.  The race started with a gradual up hill and I noticed right away that my watch wasn't working.  It was tracking my overall time but no pace or distance.  At first I was furious but quickly realized there was nothing I could do about it and I just needed to do my best to listen to my body.  I felt surprisingly good the entire race and had fun trying to guess how far out I was.  The course was not marked at all so there was really no way to tell besides past experience of how far a mile was.  The course was mostly flat with some gradual uphill and downhill sections.

My Time:  21:14.  I have no idea what my splits were but I felt like I ran a good even pace the entire race.  Although my watch wasn't working I believe this would put my average at about 6:56 per mile.  I was also the first girl to finish the race so I was crowned at the end.

Amber's Time:  27:14, 8:58 average pace.  As soon as I finished I chatted around for a bit, grabbed my jacket and next thing I knew there was Amber running in.  I couldn't believe it!  Seriously she ran once before this and just busts out a 27:14.  Sign her up for the Olympics and this better not be the end of racing career.  Amber wore my Mom's Garmin but unfortunately we did not have it it set up for miles so we are unsure of her splits.  Regardless she rocked!  She told me after the race that her competitive nature had forced her to beat the 28 minute goal I set for her.  She smashed it and she is definitely a natural runner.

Jared's Time:  29:30, 9:40 average pace.  My Brother in law Jared hasn't ran in 3 years and has incredibly bad asthma.  I was seriously thinking he would walk with his brother in law Scott but Jared is just naturally talented and seriously rocks.  I mean common who never runs and then just bust out sub 10 minute miles.  I am so proud of Jared for pushing himself so hard.  

A few pictures.  We were running late and had no real spectators.  I know Jared's sister and niece took more pictures of us running in so if I get a hold of them I will share them.

Pre-race photo shoot.  I was determined to wear shorts no matter how dam cold it was.  So sick of long pants.  I also wore my compression sleeves.  Mostly because I wanted to try them out in a race and see if they bothered me.  I didn't really notice them during the race but did notice that my calves weren't as sore after the race.

Me with my crown after setting a new PR.  I was pretty excited!

Me and my rockstar Sister.  I cannot wait to keep running with her and am already signing her up for a 10K.  No way she is getting out of this new found running talent.

Jared and Amber.  So proud of these guys.  P.S. Jared ran in a sweatshirt and sweatpants and didn't even break a sweat.  Who is he?

Me, Jared, Amber, Jared's Nephew and Brother in law Scott.

What went right:
  • I remembered why I love short distance races.  Short, sweet, and quick.  Awesome!
  • I was incredibly positive the entire race.  Positive self talk.
  • It was so fun knowing my family was running with me.  I knew I would be held accountable if I didn't run my hardest.
  • I thought about the little boy we were running for a lot during the race.  It reminded me how much I love running these fundraiser races because they are for such great causes.
What went wrong:
  • We were late and barely made it in time to get our bibs.
  • My Garmin did not work.  Don't worry though it is not broken.  I turned it on in the car and accidentally set it to inside mode.
After the race I hit up the gym for 8.5 more miles.  My training plan told me to run 16 miles today and I only ran 11.5.  Woops!  Quite honestly my legs were fatigued from running so hard in the 5K and I started getting side stitches due to not eating or drinking.  I am not going to beat myself up about it because I did get 57 miles in for the week and I am fairly confident I will be okay for the 18 miler next week.

Overall this was such a fun and awesome experience.  I am so thankful and grateful for my amazing family taking part in this and running with me.  I am also so proud of my sister and really just hope she keeps running because seriously she is very naturally talented at it.

Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ethical Dilemma....and a few Friday Favorites.

Today's Workout:  11 miles on the treadmill, 83 minutes.  I had planned to run 16 miles this morning to get my LR out of the way for the week but that did not happen.  I wanted to run 10 on the treadmill and the last 6 outside once it was light out.  But by the time I got to 8 I knew I wouldn't have time to complete 16 miles and get to work on time.  I may try to run the additional 5 this afternoon.  We shall see. 

*On a positive note I did feel good during the run.  I think running at an incline has been beneficial because running at 0% incline made me feel like I was flying.

I'm in a Healthcare Ethics class this semester at school and currently working on writing my Managerial Philosophy of Ethics.  Lamesauce!  I think ethics are all a matter of opinion and anything can be considered ethically correct with enough justification.  Just my opinion.

Anyway as I was conducting this paper and using the thesaurus to make myself sound educated the only ethical dilemmas I could think of is the following:
Is it ethically correct for me to call in sick the day of the Boston Marathon so I can stay at home and watch the race on tv?

And is it ethically correct for me to request days off of work for marathon training purposes?

Obviously I haven't learned anything in the class because I am and forever will be rebellious.  I will definitely be requesting a few days off in April/May for marathon training and to babysit James of course.  See it is ethically correct if you use babysitting to justify.  It is hard to dedicate all of my Saturdays to LR especially when I have races scheduled, or family plans.  What do you guys think?  Would you request days off of work to run?  ha ha I sound completely absurd but when you work 5 days a week and refuse to move from the couch on Sundays sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!
A few Friday favorites:

1.  They are building a Cafe Rio right next to my gym in Spanish Fork.  I could not be more thrilled.  Who doesn't want to eat a big pork burrito after sweating your guts out?

2.  I got in to the Free 5K in SLC today.  Woo hoo!  It sold out in 2 minutes.  I guess I really am 25 and not 90 because I don't think 90 year olds could have typed fast enough.

3.  Target!  I am headed to target after work for some retail therapy.  I secretly wish I lived in Target I love it so much.

Everyone have a fabulous and snowy (if you live in ut) weekend!  I will be back tomorrow with a race re-cap from the 5K.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am FAMOUS.....and Finalized Race Plans...

Today's Workout:  6 miles on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the elliptical.  I slept in a little since I stayed up WAY past my bedtime last night.
Weekly Goal Update (Eating Healthier to achieve race weight):  Last night my sister introduced me and my Mom to Terra Mia.  I am completely sold, it was so DELICIOUS!  My sister had coupons so we only paid $5.00 per person.  Me and my mom shared a pizza with canadian bacon, artichokes, and olives and it was delicious!  We also shared the Vegetarian Lasagna.  YUMMY!  This place was seriously the bomb.  I do not know the exact calorie count of what we ordered but the pizza was incredibly thin crust and I tried to keep my portions in check.  If you haven't been here you should totally try it.  Here is their menu.  I was incredibly impressed with the service, speed, and overall deliciousness.  And my mom paid for the meal so that wasn't bad either.
Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the food.  I get way to excited to eat to think about food photography.  But trust me it is worth trying out.

My dinner choice doesn't have a whole lot to do with healthy eating.  But I guess my point is that you can eat out and enjoy time with friends and family while still making smart food choices.  When I suffered from disordered eating I would always make excuses to skip eating out, or eating at all for that matter.  But I have learned that eating out is fun and enjoyable if you are smart and sensible about your food choice.  A few of my tips:
  • Share meals.  (me and my sister or my mom share meals 99% of the time.)
  • Don't feel like you have to eat EVERYTHING.  I have a nice box of pizza in my fridge waiting for me for later.
  • Skip the bread.
  • Choose meals with lots of extra veggies.
After dinner we headed to Hale Center Theatre to use the free tickets and season tickets I won from running the Hale Freezes over 10K.  Hairspray is one of my absolute favorite shows so I could not wait.  Us girls have been looking forward to this date for a long time so we were all excited.

As we were waiting for the show to start my Sister was browsing through the program and said "Rachelle your name is in the program."  I kind of ignored her and was like um okay whatever it must be some other Rachelle because I am not in the show.  She was like no really look:

 I practically felt famous that my name was posted on the last page of the program.  I am such a dork and had to take a picture of course.

This is a terrible picture.  But this is me and Amber waiting for the show to start.
 This was such a fun show and if you love musicals like I do I would highly recommend it.  We left the show still laughing and dancing all the way home.  What a fun night spent with my amazing family.  Even though I didn't get bed until 11p.m. it was such a blast and totally worth the sleep deprivation.
I have officially finalized my race plans leading up to the Utah Valley Marathon and wanted to share so you can all copy them.  I love knowing other people that are running the same races as me so please let me know if you are already signed up for any of these races or are interested.  If you are questioning any of these races please call, text, or e-mail me and I will con you into running them.  he he he

I thrive on racing and race a lot more than the average runner.  So if racing isn't your thing then stick with your training plan.  Keep in mind that I am single and have no children so I have free range to do practically whatever I want.  I do realize that most people have real lives and aren't as flexible as me to gallivant all over the state of Utah running whatever race they can find and afford.

Quite honestly I am trying to take advantage of this freedom before I decided to take life serious some day.  I also like to run at least 1 race a month just to keep me excited about running and give me something specific to work towards.


Miss Lindon 5K- March 26th


Ogden Winter Series 30K- April 23rd

FREE SLC 5K- April 30th (if I get in tomorrow, I will be waiting like a hawk.)


Provo Half Marathon- May 7th

Memorial Day 10K- May 28th

What are your upcoming races?  Or any suggestions of what I should add to my schedule?

I am getting pumped for Spring and am so excited I have these events to look forward to.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

25 reasons I have passed 25 and am headed straight for 90...

Today's Workout:  15 minutes weights, 8 miles on the treadmill .5% incline.
Weekly Goal Update:  After yesterdays stomach dilemma I think I am back on track.  I am actually looking forward to my healthier meals, and having my one snack at night.  I am currently at 19.5% body fat and hoping to get down to 16% by the end of May.  I can totally do it right??  YIKES.....I am scared but I am shooting for half a pound a week.  Wish me luck, I absolutely SUCK at losing weight.  But the more I read the more I realize if I can get down to my ideal race weight I will be faster and increase my endurance.  So I am upping the protein and trying to minimize the carbohydrate consumption. 
I will still be running with my crazy hair, high heels, and my walker when I hit 90.  No doubt in my mind.
25 reasons I have passed 25 and am headed straight for 90...
25.  I go to bed by 9:00 p.m. every night.
24.  The last time I saw midnight on the clock was when I was 20 and forced to work a graveyard shift.
23.  I add a spoonful of Metamucil to my water each night.
22.  I'd rather eat at home than go out for dinner.
21.  I HATE driving in traffic.
20.  I watch the news for 2 hours every morning.
19.  I always know what the weather report will be and the current traffic conditions.
18.  I watch movies on Lifetime every weekend.
17.  I spend an hour picking out produce at the grocery store.
16.  I am always early to all of my appointments, and then complain when the office is behind schedule.
15.  I am legally blind without contacts.
14.  I still map quest all of my destinations.  GPS???
13.  I have no idea how to put music on my i-pod.  (I've been listening to the same tunes for 2 years now.)
12.  My computer is shaped like a box, takes 10 minutes to heat up, and is bigger than me.
11.  I have no idea how to put my cell phone on speaker.
10.  I secretly enjoy talking politics.
9.  I complain about gas prices and the cost of a gallon of milk.
8.  I've never used Ti-Vo.
7.  I am afraid of technology.
6.  I worry about everything.  If I can't get a hold of someone I drive directly to their house.
5.  I cannot understand those dang phone trees.
4.  I still write checks all the time.
3.  I have no idea how to pay a bill online.
2.  I bitch and complain about my neighbors, and the stupid annoying kids across the street!
1.  I've never heard of Hulu?  Is that a city?


Do you have any habits that completely date you with the dinosaurs?

I inherited my awesome oldness from my parents who do not own a computer, and have no idea how to listen to a voicemail.  Thank you genetics you rock!  At least I also inherited my Dad's broad shoulders and wide feet, my Mom's big ass, and the awesome Garbett family shortness.  :)  Hey we take what we can get.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Sister Runs and Ragnar

Today's Workout:  I woke up sicker than a dog.  Maybe using my brothers 500 year old can of cream of chicken soup to make dinner was the worst idea EVER!  My dad warned me when I took it, but I am cheap and thought I would take the risk because canned goods never expire right?  I am here to tell you that they do indeed actually expire.  When the can says expiration date 09/09 believe it my friends.  The .58 cent cost saving was soooo not worth puking my guts up half the day.

Anyway I am stubborn and still went to the gym.  I hardly ever get stomach sick so I figured it would go away.  I lifted like 5lb weights for 5 minutes and felt completely weak, so I decided to hop on the treadmill.......I am so SMART!  (please insert sarcasm)  7 miles of gripping the machine with my life at times but I made it through it.  7 miles 58 minutes.  As soon as I finished running I threw up in the locker room 3 times while getting ready.......awesome.......not!  I am stubborn and really should have stayed home.  In an incredibly weak moment with puke still on my shoes while leaving the gym I got sucked into resigning a 3 year gym contract.  I mean it was going to happen eventually anyway but seriously today I had no energy to fight it.  I guess their reward is getting to clean my puke off of the toilet.  mmmmmk.......We are all over my morning of chunks so lets move on to something awesome!
Me and my sister Amber ran 3.1 miles this afternoon.  I still wasn't feeling 100% but I had promised Amber this run  for a very long time.  It was suppose to be only 2 miles to prepare for the 5K this Saturday, but after 2 miles she was feeling 'okay' so I pushed her to run an entire 5K.  It was snowing at the beginning of the run but it quit as soon as we got started and it ended up being near perfect weather.  Here is how she did:

Mile 1:  9:25
Mile 2:  9:20
Mile 3:  9:42
Mile 4:  8:26
Overall Time:  29:17

This was her first time running more than a mile outside in over 3 years.  Um yeah lets just sum this up with MY SISTER AMBER ROCKS!  She is totally a natural and I was so proud of how she continued to push herself and never quit to walk once.  I am going to set her a goal of 28 minutes for the race this Saturday and I know she can do it.

As a side note I am forcing her to keep this running thing up because it was simply amazing to run with someone.  I talked to her a million miles a minute, and even though she didn't respond because she was doing good to breathe it felt so great to have a running partner.  Please send Amber extra good vibes for the race this Saturday!
Today I officially committed to Napa Valley Ragnar that runs from San Francisco to Calistago California.  The race is September 16-17th and I seriously cannot wait.  I got all sorts of giddy talking to my friend Ken about Ragnar.  Ragnars are seriously the best and if you have never participated in one I would highly recommend it.  My team for Napa will consist of 5 people I have ran with before and 5 new people that Ken and Heather met at the Del Sol Ragnar.  Ken informed me that most of the people who joined the team from Del Sol are girls and also around my age range so I cannot wait to meet my team.

PICTURE THIS: The Golden Gate Bridge. Wine Country. You and 11 of your closest friends running day and night, relay style, through some of Northern California's most beautiful scenery. This running event starts in Marina Green, near downtown San Francisco, runners will take awe in the views of the Bay Area while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge as they head toward Sausalito and Mill Valley. Participants will race inland and experience the rolling hills and farmland of Petaluma before heading toward the Valley of the Moon.  This race will guide runners south to Sonoma and along country roads to Napa Valley, where endless vineyards will surround runners. The race (and your stamina) will wrap up in Calistoga.  Mark your running calendars; you don’t want to miss this race.

So my team is looking for one more female runner and Ken gave me permission to advertise on my blog.  Please let me know if you are interested or know someone who might be.  Seriously this is an opportunity of a lifetime and you will not regret it if you run this race.

Ken is driving out from SLC area and will hook us up with Time Share Condos in California.  It really is reasonable and such an amazing opportunity to meet new people, run, and experience an incredibly fun and different side of running.
Okay this post has gotten a lot longer than I originally anticipated but 2 questions that I am dying to know.

Has a food ever made you so sick that you refused to eat it ever again?

I got sick off a cheeseburger when I was 3 years old and have not ate a hamburger since.  22 years without a hamburger.  Even looking at them makes me ill.  I really hope it isn't the same with cream of chicken soup because cream of chicken soup is used in so many dishes.

Are there any TV shows that you must watch live every single week and you get anxiety if you miss it?

Biggest Loser.  Most shows I can go without but I absolutely refuse to miss Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Back on track...

Today's Workout:  20 minutes weights/abs, 9 miles on the treadmill 1% incline 68 minutes.
New week new goal:  So.........I have a confession to make.  Lately my food intake has looked something like this:

Minus the hot dogs.  I hate hot dogs.
Maybe it is a combination of hitting the dreaded quarter-of-a-century-mark, or celebrating Christmas, Super Bowl, Valentines Day, Saint Patricks Day, or the pretend Holiday I magically make up in my head each day to justify eating like an adolescent growing boy. 

*Ground Hogs Day - Hell yes lets have a donut. 
*National Pancake Day- Bring it on! 
*Girl Scout Cookies-  Common they only come once a year.
*So and so is retiring that I haven't ever met - sweet free cake and cookies. (I can just walk up to the open house and pretend like I know them.)  I work at a big Hospital and there are lots of retirement parties......SCORE!

Regardless of my reasoning or excuses for over indulging I have been on some sort of food binge for about the last month.  I keep telling myself I run between 50-60 miles a week so I can eat whatever I want.  And luckily for me I haven't gained a single pound since I started eating like a food connoisseur.  However I have woke up with stomach aches on several different occasions.  Something about eating a costco sized bucket of redvines and half a box of girlscout cookies after dinner has left me in a few sugar comas.

So that brings me to this weeks goal:  To eat Healthier.  I do not plan to cut out all sweet/salty, and deliciously scrumptious foods.  However I will realize I am not trying to win a food eating contest.  I know how to eat healthy, and I also know how much better I feel when I am eating healthier.  My intentions are not necessarily to lose a ton of weight but more so my main focus it to feel better and to know that I am fueling my body properly.

I want my food intake to look more like this:

Specific Goals to help me get me back on track:
  1. Limit Sweets to once a day.
  2. Cut out refined carbohydrates from my diet.
  3. Make sure I am drinking 64+ ounces of water each day.
  4. Add more fruits to my diet.
Alrighty well here goes nothing.  I know that eating more healthy will help me to feel better and ultimately improve my training and performance. 

If you have any awesomely delicious and healthy recipes to share please send them my way.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Birthday

Today's Workout:  Lifting my fork to my face all day long.  I may have a strain in my right hand from lifting the fork to my face repeatedly.  I also took Izzy for a 2 mile walk/jog to test out the new compression sleeves. 
In my family we not only celebrate the Birthday on the Day of the Birthday but we always celebrate the Sunday before or after with a big family party.  I could not wait to hangout and eat yummy food with my family all day long.  I love my family and I love food. 

I chose Lasagna for dinner and of course my annual cake.  Yellow cake with green coconut frosting.  I request this same cake every year and my mother never fails.  Seriously this cake rocks and you better believe I took a full Tupperware home with me and I am guaranteed to eat another piece before I got to bed tonight.  Here is some picture overload from the big quarter-of-a-century Birthday craziness.

On my actual B-Day.  My family takes wearing green on St. Patricks day very seriously.

My Grandma gave me this amazing necklace for my Birthday.  I love it so much!

Me and my Grandma and Grandpa.  I just love them so much.  They have never missed one of my Birthdays.  They are just simply the best and I am so glad they live so close and I am able to spend so much time with them.

My amazing cake.  I LOVE Birthday cake.  Especially my moms.

Me and my cake.

The desert spread.  Sorry I was so hungry I forgot to get a picture of dinner. 

My Dad and baby James.  My dad loves the St. Patty's Day hat.

Me and my bestest sister who I will be running a 5K with this Saturday.
 I had such a fabulous Birthday this year as always.  My family is just simply amazing and I am so thankful and grateful that I am so close to them.  I would seriously hangout with them every single day if they would let me.

Me, my Mom, sister and Grandma are all going to see Hairspray at Hale Center Theatre on Wednesday and I cannot wait.

We are wanting to go somewhere fun and different for dinner before the show.

Where should we go?  Is there any secretly awesome restaurants in Utah county?

Canyonlands Half Marathon

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  I spent the weekend hanging out with my awesome Mom and we had so much fun!  We left Friday afternoon to head to Green River for my race.  (**If you ever run Canyonlands make sure you book a hotel way early because the hotels in Moab sell out 6 months in advance.)  We got to Green River around 7:30 grabbed us some Subway, maybe stole 10 cookies from the complimentary Holiday Inn cookie jar.  Most delicious cookies I have ever tried and then hung out watching T.V, laughing, and just enjoying each others company.

The next morning came quickly.  We were up at 5:30, left the hotel by 6:00 and then off to Moab we went.  I picked up my packet, caught the shuttle, and waited up in the canyon for 2 hours until the race started.  It really was a LONG morning because the race didn't start until 10:00 a.m. and it seemed like half the day was gone before I even ran.  Luckily I met a lot of really fun people while waiting for the race to start.  It was so much fun to just talk to other runners and get to know new people.  This made the time go by a lot faster.  By 9:30 we had to take off out warm-ups and the temperatures were in the low 40's.  The winds started picking up drastically and every thing was blowing over.  It was freezing and I was just praying that the winds would die down.

The race started promptly at 10:00 a.m. and the winds were still incredibly strong.  They started everyone timing at the same time so I tried to get near the front.  I started probably no more than 1 minute behind the leading pack.  There were over 4,000 people that participated in the half so the beginning of the race was a bit chaotic.  The first mile was down hill so it felt incredibly fast and I was onto mile 2 after 6:35.  The first 10 miles were all in the canyon and it was incredibly windy.  I finished the first 8 miles in under an hour which was my goal.  After mile 8 we hit the 9 mile hill, I knew it was coming and powered through it only slowing my pace to 7:41.  It was after mile 10 when we hit the highway that I really crashed.  The winds were not letting up and my body was fatigued.  I slowed down to 8:15 miles for the last 3 miles and the last .25 miles were a steady uphill to the finish.

Overall Time:  1:42:28 with a 7:47 average pace.  This was my slowest half marathon time by over a minute.  I was a little disappointed but the 20mph winds made this an incredibly tough race.  I know if I was just training I would have not fought those winds.  I am shrugging the time off of my shoulders and looking at this race as an awesome training race.  I fought hard and pushed through the winds.  I also had some things happen that I have never experienced before.  I am glad I am having these problems during these training races and hopefully I will be completely prepared by the time the marathon rolls around.

Finishing strong.  This was such a tough finish with the last .25 miles being a gradual climb.

Some much needed water.

Trying to capture a little bit of the scenery. 

Me and my mom!  My mom was such a great support and was yelling so loud for me at the finish.  Thanks Mom for coming.

What went right:
  • I drank water at almost every water station.  This slowed me down but I did not feel as dehydrated and delirious at the finish.
  • I used the energy gu's provided by the race volunteers.
  • I hardly listened to my I-pod at all and really did just enjoy the vibe of the runners around me and the beautiful scenery.
  • Miles 1-8 were incredibly consistent paces.  average 7:27.
What went wrong:
  • I know your all sick of me complaining about the wind but seriously it was brutal.  I felt like I was wasting a lot of energy fighting against the wind.
  • I chaffed!  For the first time ever.  I wore the same sports bra I wear every time I race.  The problem was I brought my own energy gels and stuffed them in my sports bra.  Since I ended up using the gels provided by the race I ran with them in my bra the entire time and that is what caused the chaffing.
  • I experienced my first ever leg cramps.  I have heard of people talking about their legs cramping up at the end of races but I have never had it happen to me.  At mile 12 my left calve completely cramped up and was doing good to move.  It was awful.  I stopped and walked for a minute and then pushed through to the finish.  The entire last mile I was thinking about how badly I needed to get some compression socks.  I woke up this morning planning to order some.  I went to get my mail and the sweetest Julia had sent me compression socks for my Birthday.  I put them on as soon as I opened them and haven't taken them off since. 
This race was such a great learning experience and a lot of fun.  I had so much fun hanging out with my mom and meeting new running fanatics like myself.  This race also marked my 15th race since I started running in July and helped me to remember how far I have come.  Also in talking to everyone I met at the race they reassured me that I CAN get better and to be patient with my progress.

Since I run SO MANY local (Utah) races I am thinking of starting a race review segment on the blog.  I am starting to realize that some races are put on so much better than others and the swag, scenery, ect are totally different at every race.

What do you guys think?  Would you enjoy race reviews of all of my crazy adventures?

If so I will work on going back and posting some quick reviews of all of the races I have ran.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Today's Workout:  3.25 miles outside, 24 minutes.  I wanted to try and re-acclimate myself to breathing outside, especially since I will be running at a higher elevation tomorrow.  The first mile was freezing, but after that I warmed up and ran 7:30 average pace.  It felt comfortable and like I wasn't pushing myself at all.

Tomorrow I will be running Canyonlands half marathon in Moab, UT.  This year marks the 36th annual Canyonlands half marathon.  This race is kind of a big deal and we even had to enter a lottery to get into it.  I originally signed up for this race with My good friends Julia and Jonathon.  Unfortunately both Julia and Jonathon are injured and cannot run.  :(

I contemplated dropping out as well since I didn't want to travel all by myself all the way to Moab.  But then I came to my senses.  A) This race is kind of a big deal, over 7,500 people run it and I had to enter a lottery just to get into it.  Also the scenery is said to be breathe taking.  B)  I paid $70 something dollars to run this race and already had a hotel booked. C) this race will be great training for the marathon since it is kind of hilly.  D)  I am healthy as an ox and there is no real excuse for me to not run.

I realized it would be silly for me to give up an opportunity to run this race and lucky for me my Mom is absolutely the most amazing person on earth and willing to go with me.  Seriously my Mom is the most beautiful, caring, loving, and all around amazing person I know.  My Mom has gone out of her way so many times and in so many different ways to help me.  I know for a fact that I would not be where I am today without my Mom and her unconditional love and support.  I look up to her in so many ways and seriously just aspire to be as genuinely good of a person as she is.

My mom has bent over backwards to support my running.  She traveled to St. George with me and Julia to go to Dogtown and has hardly missed any of my local races.  My mom is making a major sacrifice to go to Moab with me and support me in the half marathon this weekend.  I am so thankful for her and quite honestly just cannot wait to spend 24 hours with one of my best friends.
Isn't my Mom just absolutely gorgeous?  I know your all surprised she could have a child as homely looking as me.
We all know that watching a long race is about as exciting as watching paint dry.  It is not exactly a spectator sport.  And since we are staying in Green River tonight we will have to wake up by 5:30 a.m. tomorrow and be to Moab by 7.  The race doesn't even start until 10:00 a.m.  So my mom will be waiting for me to finish for nearly 5 hours.  She seriously ROCKS!!  I am so thankful and grateful that I have been blessed with such an amazing family that loves me and supports me no matter what.
My Sister Amber on the left, and my Mom after the Hale Freezes Over 10K.  It was about 30 degrees and my parents live all the way in Nephi but still came to support me.

I hope that everyone has an amazing weekend.  I will be thinking about you all as I run 13.1 miles this weekend.

Is anyone else running Canyonlands tomorrow?

Also does anyone know a good place to eat in Green River Utah?

I haven't been to Green River or Moab since I was a small child so I think we will be doing good just to get there.  But if you have any secrets please share.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Carb Loading

Today's Workout:  10 minutes weights, 7 miles on the treadmill.  Most would want to skip a workout on their B-day but I couldn't wait to workout.  Best part of my day.  If I didn't work out I couldn't justify the 999,9999 calories I was guaranteed to consume throughout the day.  (I'm calling it carb loading but we all know it's not normal.)
So truth be told I woke up a little depressed today.  I mean common the quarter-of-a-century mark is kind of a big deal.  Turning 22, 23, and 24 seemed fine I still felt young.....but 25!  I don't know why but this number has been haunting me for some time now. 

So how am I coping with hitting the quarter-of-a-century mark?  Carb loading of course! 

The day started with my normal breakfast (do any of you eat the exact same thing for breakfast every single day?)  I eat a granola bar, a yogurt, and an apple or orange every single weekday.

After my normal breakfast I was still feeling bad for myself but lucky for me it is a Holiday and the hospital handed out their annual green bagels.

So what if the bagel is the size of my head.  You better believe I ate the entire thing.  Add in Paula Dean style serving of  butter and Strawberry Jam!

By the time I polished off the bagel it was lunchtime.  I had my normal lunch that I have almost every single day.  (veggie bag, pb&J sand which, string cheese, and cheese-its.)

Then I got a call in my office from my sweetest little Lily asking me to come into the PBX area.  I knew she was up to something.  She sounds so sweet and innocent but she always has an ulterior motive.  I got into the room and this is what I found

I don't think I've had a cake with my name on it since I was 8!  I was so excited I peed my pants (good thing I'm wearing dark colored pants.) 
 This cake was seriously delicious...OMG have I ever told you guys how much I LOVE cake.  (sorry family I forgot to save you a piece....woops!)  If my typing is sounding a little sporadic, not making sense and a little out of control you can blame in on my sugar high.  Your lucky you don't have to work with me because I've been talking nonstop and pacing around the hospital telling everyone it's my Birthday.  I seriously feel like I'm running on Auto Pilot.  Amazing how carbs and sugar can turn a bad day into a good day!!

It's only 3:00p.m. and I've already consumed three days worth of calories so I'm gonna give my belly a break and I'll be back later with round 2.  You thought this was it?  ha ha you ain't seen nothing yet.  Don't worry though I'll be burning off all of this sugary deliciousness on Saturday when I run Canyonlands Half Marathon. 

Maybe I should eat a big slab of cake before the race because seriously right now I feel like I could run for hours.  I'm just going to forget all that crap my health teachers taught me about sugar only giving you a temporary high.  Because if you keep eating it the high never goes away. he he he I am seriously on the verge of craziness!!  Hopefully the Provo police department does not pull me over and arrest me for OD'ing on sugar on my drive home from work.

HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY EVERYONE!!!  And if you forgot to wear green then shame on you, I hope you get pinched!

Do you eat like it's your job on your Birthday?  Or am I the only weirdo.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Midgets on the Right...

Today's Workout:  15 minutes weights.  7 miles on the treadmill.  Planning to run 2 miles with my sister after work in preparation for the 5K next week.
Weekly Goal Update (Letting go of the past):  This goal is difficult to report on because it is so mental and personal.  But I am really working hard on it.  I think focusing on the present and planning for the future has really helped.
Okay so lets talk height.  I get A LOT of comments on my height (or the lack there of).  Apparently some people think in order to be a good runner you need to be a tall, thin, elegant looking Cheetah?  And well I'm shaped more like a pint sized troll!
This may be an extreme example because Timothy is well over 6 ft tall but it gets the point across.

So I don't really know my exact height.  My brother in law refers to me as Snooki sized but I don't think I'm quite as short as her....and I definitely will not be rocking the poof anytime soon to add inches.   I claim to be 5'2 but that could be one big fat lie.  Next time I bust out the yardstick I'll give you the exact measurements.  To give you and idea of the extent of my shortness I do know that I should legally be driving in a booster seat....but then I can't reach the gas pedal.  (Have you all seen the crazy laws about height/weight for booster seats?)

Anyway I have had a few people tell me in the past that I couldn't ever succeed in any sports including running because of my height.  People say "how could you possibly be good running and be fast at your size?" or "You are just too short to ever really succeed at running, those tall people will fly past you." 

There seems to be a huge misconception that being taller makes you faster.  It seems logical:  taller people have longer strides and therefore run faster right?

Nope not so true.  Height can play a minor role in running but rarely does.  Factors such as endurance, flexibility, and strength seem to be much more important when it comes to speed and distance.  I have done a lot of research on the topic and have found that there is no true evidence that height directly affects ones running ability.

Now some pictures so you can all make fun of me.  You just wait until I am famous for inventing high heeled running shoes.  Who will be laughing then?

I am the normal one, and Julia and Kat are just tall.  (that is what I tell myself).

Midgets on the right please.

Richard Simmons made a surprise appearance at the Halloween Half Marathon this year and I totally kicked his trash. :)  He's only a little bit taller than me.
I think the overall point of this post is that this is why I love running so much, because almost ANYONE can do it.  You do not have to be a certain size, shape, personality type or meet a certain mold to enjoy running.

Has anyone ever told you that you will never succeed at something and then you totally proved them wrong?

People telling me I will not succeed at something only feeds my fever and motivates me to work even harder until I achieve what they say I cannot do.