Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beat The Heat

Today's Workout:  11 miles outside.  10 at 7:47 AP, 1 mile cool down with the pup 9:30 pace.  Hitting the gym tonight for some core and full body weights.

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Second things second.  There is a new awesome blog on the block.  Go check out ReRun Running as soon as you get finished reading my post.  These gorgeous girls both ran collegiately for BYU and they are talented and full of awesome running advice.  Seriously I did Jessica's 4 minute ab routine last night and woke up looking like EMZ!

Now as I prepare myself for my upcoming racing events I have realized that all of them share one thing in common and that one element is warm weather.  Like it or not it is still hot in Utah and inevitably Napa Ragnar, St.George Marathon, and Vegas Ragnar will all likely force me to be running in 90+ degree weather.

How I'm training to Beat The Heat?

1.  Acclimating my body to the warmer temps.  Typically I run early in the morning when temps are below 80 but the last few weeks I have added mid day runs to prepare my body for the heat.  Saturday I ran 3.6 miles with Nikki at 5pm (97 degrees) and Sunday I ran 4 miles starting at 11:30am (86 degrees).

Me and Nikki getting ready to run in 97 degree weather.
2.  Wear lighter colored clothing that breathes well and is not constricting.   This helps to keep me cool and also helps my body temperature drop easier post workout.
You will also stand out among the crowd. :)
3.  Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!  Not only while I am running but before/after and throughout the day.  As I sweat more from running in the mid day sun I have been increasing my fluid intake and am aiming for 100+ ounces per day.  In addition I am adding more frozen Popsicles because the famous and smart Lindsey from Cotter Crunch told me they help cool my body temperature. :)

4.  Have a Plan.  When I run in the heat I always stay close to home and make sure to go no more than 2-3 miles out.  This way I know I am close enough to stop if I start feeling dehydrated or dizzy.  I also generally keep my runs shorter and do not attempt LR in the heat of the day.  I am also famous for getting lost so this step is incredibly crucial for me.
I run this same road every single day!
5.  Buddy Up.  I try to either run with someone or make sure someone knows my plan and knows exactly how long I plan to be gone and where I am planning to run.

What are your tips for training and racing in the heat?

I forgot to add eating iceream after every run. :)  I promise it helps and I have no problem taking all credit for letting you in on my secret and turning you into speed demon!!!

Is it still hot where you live?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Utah Runner Girls Half Marathon Recap

I had been looking forward to yesterdays all girl half marathon since the day that I signed up.

I absolutely loved the idea of an all girl event and also loved that all of the proceeds went towards Autism.  In addition to that my awesome friend Francis asked me to sponsor her business Active Bands in the event and gave me an adorable new Active Band and shirt to run with.  Oh and on top of that they were offering chocolate, cupcakes, and sugar cookies at all of the aid stations!!  Seriously could it get anymore awesome?  Needless to say I was thrilled and knew it was going to be a great experience!

I had two options in mind for this race.  A:  take it easy, stuff as many sugar cookies in my mouth as I can fit, and have fun running with Julia and the girls.  Or B:  Use it as a good tempo workout and some great marathon training.  I had already done my long run for the week and had 60 miles on my feet so I knew that without a taper it would not be my best performance. However I also knew it was an incredibly hilly course and would be great training.

When I got to the race I quickly realized it was a small event (probably about 100 female runners) and it didn't look too competitive.  I decided I could either sit back and take it easy or maybe I could just win the entire race!  Of course my competitive juices came out and I just decided to go for it.

Mile 1:  7:40  -I did not get a warm up and felt incredibly slow.  I also had a difficult time breathing to begin with because the elevation was a little higher than I was used to.  I ran with a girl name Katie and was glad to have a little company.

Mile 2:  6:44 -I pulled ahead of Katie and was all by myself for the rest of the race.

Mile 3:  7:05 - Still all alone and worried about getting lost.  I just started running from sign to sign and there was a cop ahead directing me.

Mile 4:  7:20 - hmmm this is weird it just feels like a training run.

Mile 5:  7:01 - passed by a lot of bikers and joggers and chatted with each of them.  They were all wondering why I had a bib on since I was all by myself.

Mile 6:  7:56 - Stopped at the aid station and chatted with the volunteers.  Took some poweraid and water and took my time thanking them.  At this point I realized I had a huge lead and debated on whether I should take it easy or keep running hard.

Mile 7:  7:25 - Still just running all by myself.

Mile 8:  7:37 - The beginning of the hills that lasted for 3 miles!

Mile 9:  8:18 - stopped at the aid station and talked to the volunteers.  Also stopped and talked to a pacer who was there to help some of the struggling runners.  He told me I had a good 5 minute lead and it felt weird having no competition.

Mile 10:  7:36 - Ran through some neighborhoods and just kept on shuffling my feet.  Gradual incline.

Mile 11:  7:36 - Feeling good but it was getting hot and the hills never seemed to end.

Mile 12:  7:52 - seriously more hills?

Mile 13:  7:02 - Finally caught up to the 5k runners and had a little motivation to run fast. :)

Mile 14 (.30): - 6:42 pushed it to the finish.

Overall Results:  13.3 miles, 1:39:15, 7:28 average pace, 900 foot elevation gain

Since the course was long I believe my time at 13.1 was slightly sub 1:38 but it didn't really matter.  It was a fun race and great training.  I definitely do not feel like I ran "all out" but I did accomplish my goal of getting a great tempo workout and awesome training on hills.  Soon after I finished I did a 3 mile cool down by running back to cheer on Julia, Francis, and RaeAnn to finish line!

Candice, Julia, and I after the race.  Candice paced the 2:20 group for the race and Julia had a blast running with friends.

I got to stand on a podium for taking first place!

And then I jumped for joy to make Fast Cory proud!

And for taking first place I won the cutest skirt ever!

Overall it was a fun race and by far the hardest half marathon course I have ever run.  I can tell my fitness is improving and that is very exciting.

After the race I got another 3 miles in by pacing my friend Nikki on her last leg of the Rivalry Relay.  I will talk more about it tomorrow because I think this is enough rambling for one day. :)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

For Beginners

Today's Workout:  16.3 miles at 8:18 AP.  A fun long run in the dark with friends. :)

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The adorable Ali from Running With Spatulas asked me about tips for beginning runners and I thought it would be a very beneficial topic to post about.  I know several of you out there are in the exact same boat as Ali and I myself just started running 14 months ago and can definitely relate to how you feel.  I will begin with my most favorite quote of all time.

"The miracle isn't that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start."

Running is hard, running is scary, and honestly in the beginning running really freaking sucks!!  Stick with it because just like anything rewarding in life it is always worth it in the end.  It will get easier, you will learn things a long the way, and one day things will click and you will enjoy it and then eventually turn into a maniac like me.  Okay lets hope that never actually happens.

8 Tips For Beginning Runners 

1.  SHOES!!  I ran in my High School Nike's for the first few months and when they wore out I went to Ross and bought a pair of shoes for $20.  The result was very sore knees which could and would have lead me to injury.  I learned (luckily before it was too late) that I over-pronate and require a stability shoe.  If you haven't already go to closest running store, get a gait analysis done, and find out what type of shoe is right for you.
My current pair.  I really need to hop on over to http://www.runningwarehouse.com/ and get me a new pair.
2.  SLOW DOWN!!  You've all heard the story of the person that hasn't ever trained before and decides to sign up for a 5k the day of the race only to find out they would never run ever again because they had such an awful experience!!  Ease into your training and start SLOW.  If you don't you'll likely get injured and have to start back at square one anyway.  I would recommend increasing your distance by no more than 10% each week and I would not attempt to increase speed at all until you have built a good aerobic base. 

3.  BE PATIENT!!  I really think running is like learning a foreign language. It takes a lot of time and practice to become fluent and then once you think you've become fluent you realize that there is still so much more to learn.  As a beginner you will not be fast, you will not be able to breathe, and it will not feel natural.  But with time and practice you will slowly increase speed, learn to control your breathing and it will become more and more natural.

4.  WALKING IS OK!!  My Mom trained for a 5k in Fall of 2010 and experienced a lot of pain which eventually ended her running altogether.  This Summer when she started training for this race she eased into it and mixed equal amounts of running with walking similar to the Galloway theory.  With this approach she was able to enjoy the training, not feel overwhelmed, and continue running after the race.

5.  BUILD A BASE!!  Start slow and follow a plan like the couch to 5k.  When I first started running I couldn't even run for 5 minutes. With time as you acclimate your body to fatigue and practice breathing you will build endurance.  I highly recommend running by time and not distance.  Rather than running 1 mile try running for 10 minutes and then build a minute or two with each workout.  Cross training such as biking, elliptical, swimming, ect are also great for building a solid aerobic base.

6.  FIND A BUDDY!!  Finding a partner or a running club/group may be the best advice I can give.  Having someone to run with are share triumphs and trials will not only keep you motivated but also keep you accountable for your training.  If you can't recruit a running buddy contact your local running store and ask them for resources.

7.  SIGN UP FOR A RACE!!  Signing up for a race will keep you motivated and give you a glimpse of the "fun" side of running.  Racing is exciting and exhilarating and will give you an opportunity to meet new runners, push your limits, and reward your training.

8.  HAVE FUN!!  If you don't enjoy running you will not stick with it and you will never grow to like it.  Plain and simple.  Pick one day a week where you go on an adventurous run or reward yourself with a new running top when you reach a certain goal.  If that isn't working for you join a Ragnar team and that is sure to do the trick.

What other tips do you have for beginning runners?

What time was your workout today?

We started our 16 miler at 4:30am!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Need Your Help!

Today's Workout:  10.6 miles outside, 7:38 pace.  I am very excited about this pace because it is the exact pace I need for my goal marathon time of 3:20!  I started out incredibly slow and ended faster.  Love that!
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If I win I will receive a $250 grant from team Refuel and this may just help me get to my ultimate dream.....the Boston Marathon!  Awww it would seriously be amazing!

Every time you vote for me come back and leave a comment on this post and the person who leaves the most comments/votes will win a "Running For Trevor" T-shirt.  Common you know you want one right?  Seriously these shirts are awesome and we got so many compliments on them the day of the Dash For Donation!  The saying on the back can be found here.

Julia and Rochelle modeling the front of the "Running For Trevor" T-shirts.

And the back!

Okay now go vote for me right now!  Just bookmark the site and vote for me every day. 

While you visit the site make sure to read my bio and play a part in helping me achieve my dream of Boston just by voting!!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

People. Freaking. Rock.

Today's Workout:  15 minutes lower body weights, 9.25 mile tempo run.  3 mile warm up at 8 minute AP, 6.25 miles at 7:08 AP.

Are you ever amazed by just how freaking awesome people are?  Sure the world is full of a few cruel, dishonest, lunatics but for the most part PEOPLE FREAKING ROCK!!

First off all of my readers, followers, and commenter's FREAKING ROCK!! The comments you left me on this post seriously rocked my world.

My cashier at walmart yesterday freaking rocked.  I ran in quickly to grab a couple of items, one of them being a notebook for school. When I went to check out she told me I could price match and get 5 notebooks for .01 cent.  Seriously?  A complete stranger telling me about an awesome deal and then waiting for me to go get the extra notebooks?  That FREAKING ROCKS!!

My Mom and Dad freaking rock.  When I told them I was injured they showed up an hour later with the biggest first aid kit I've ever seen.  My Dad also called me twice yesterday just to check on me.  Oh and guess who stopped by again tonight just to check my elbow and re wrap it with my new Hello Kitty Bandaids?  My Dad because he FREAKING ROCKS!

My Sister bought me a swimsuit Saturday just because she thought it would look cute on me.  Seriously she FREAKING ROCKS!!

A girl I've never met before came up to me in the gym locker room today just to tell me I always have cute outfits and that she loved my dress.  That girl FREAKING ROCKS!!  She went out of her way to compliment a complete stranger and seriously made my day.  Considerate people rock my world.

And last but certainly not least the sweetest Ashley surprised me with a gift this morning for pacing her at Saturdays race.  Seriously girl?  It is your birthday and you brought me a gift?  You FREAKING ROCK!  Not only did she bring me a gift she brought me all of my favorites and Hello Kitty bandaids and neosporin for my battle wounds.  Go wish her Happy Birthday on her blog right now!




What has someone done for you lately that FREAKING ROCKED?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

She's a Maniac

Okay let me preface this post by explaining that I am stubborn.  When I get an idea in my head it is really, really hard to talk me out of it.  Just ask my family.  

Earlier this week I came up with one of my "wild ideas".  I had a lot of friends running the Hobble Creek Half marathon and my crazy (okay I admit I thought it was awesome) idea was to park my car at the golf course and run the 7 mile 1,200 foot elevation gain up to the start of the race and then run back down with the race.  I tried to talk someone into joining me for this journey but my friends and family were relentless telling me it was a crazy, stupid, idiotic idea. 

Ptssssh what did they know it was an AWESOME idea!

Before my adventure Friday night I met up with my awesome blogger friends at Yogurtland for fro-yo.  It was so great to see them and I seriously wanted to cry over the fact that the sweetest Ruth is moving.  wa wa wa!

Julia, Ruth, ME, Janae, Ashley, and Cory at Yogurtland.  I am going to miss Ruth so much!  Best running parter and friend ever.

After fro-yo I headed to watch my brother-in-law in a rodeo.  Rodeo's are totally normal in Utah and my bro-in-law did great!  I forgot to get picture of the actual rodeo but here is what I got.  In a nutshell my pre-crazy run dinner consisted of fro-yo, star bursts, and Swedish fish.  Delicious!  I skipped out on the rodeo early and went home and headed straight to bed.

I slept great.  No pressure, I was just going to "have fun".  Yes running up a mountain is considered fun to me and I know I should consult my physician about this problem.  Anyway I threw on my reflective vest and alone in the dark up the mountain I went.  It was pitch black the first 3.5 miles and I felt great and was pretty giddy about my little adventure.  Once I hit mile 4 a lot of buses started coming up and down the canyon (for the race) and this was a bit complicated but I kept plugging along.  I didn't check my garmin once until I hit the top where the race started.  I was shocked to see 7.15 miles at a 8:10 pace.  I was pretty ecstatic and secretly wished I could have kept running up.  It was just so much fun.

I met up with my friends at the start and was prepared to pace my friend Ashley to a PR.  I ate a couple chomps, drank some water, and seriously just felt fantastic.  I just love running and being around runners.  I really need to seek counseling because my love for it is just a little weird.  Anyway the race started and we were off.  The race started late and I knew that the heat was going to be an issue.

Me and Ashley after the race.
Miles 1-3:  We worked way too hard to weave around people since there was absolutely no organization at the start and some of the slowest runner were in the front of the pack.  Anyway we finally settled into a 7:50ish pace and I felt good about that.

Miles 3-6:  This is where the magic happened and I ate pavement.  We were running smooth and I have no idea what happened but I fell HARD!  I'm not normally a clumsy runner so it was really weird but I didn't skip a beat and got right back up and kept running.  Ashley was concerned but I just said "this is your race now lets get you back on pace."  I knew I was scraped up pretty bad but whatever I would deal with it later.

Miles 6-9:  I decided to sprint ahead of Ashley in hopes there would be a first aid kit at the aid station and we wouldn't sacrifice her pace.  I wasn't in pain but I was bleeding pretty bad and just needed a bandaid.  I got to the aid station and they didn't have a first aid kit or bandaids.  hmmm that was weird but oh well I decided I'd just deal with it at the finish.  We got back on pace and when we hit mile 7 Ashley started to slow.  We were hitting the uphill part of the course and the fast miles at the beginning were starting to get to her.  She ran consistent and didn't stop and walk at all but our pace definitely slowed.

Miles 9-13:  We kept shuffling forward at a little bit slower than PR pace for Ashley.  I stayed in front of her and told her I was going to keep a 8:30 pace and for her to just keep me in sight.  I would stop at the aid stations and make sure she had water and then keep going.  I ran right next to her during mile 12 and 13 and she was dying but staying so strong.  She got a bad side ache and had to stop and walk for a bit at mile 12.  I felt awful for her because I could definitely relate to how she felt but I kept pushing her and would not let her give up.

She crossed the finish line right around 1:51 which was not quite a PR but was still a great time considering all of the circumstances. As soon as she finished I sprinted back into the race to find Julia.  I knew Julia would be coming soon and did not want to miss her.  I didn't really care that I had already ran 20+ miles and I was bleeding I just wanted to be there for my friend.  It didn't take me long to find her and I ran her into the finish.  She did awesome and I am so proud of her, Ruth, and everyone else that ran today.

After I grabbed some water and talked to a few friends I finally headed to the medical tent to get my bleeding arm checked out.  The medics kind of freaked out on me and told me I probably should have stopped running because it was a really deep cut.  Oh well I didn't really care and didn't have time to be stuck in the medical tent so I had them bandaid it up and off I went to congratulate my friends.

I was so so proud of all my friends and it was just such a great day.  My overall mileage came out at 20.66 with a 8:30 pace and I don't think I could have asked for a better training run and a funner morning with great friends. 

*I know this is getting long and boring but as a funny side note.  When I finally got back to my car around 11am I had 13 missed calls from my family.  To say they were worried about my crazy idea may be an understatement. 

Oh and my Dad came up and cleaned up and butterflyed my wound for me.  I'll spare you the bloody details but look at the awesome bandage job he pulled off.

So would I do it again?  Absolutely!  Running is all about the adventure and today was definitely an adventure I will never forget.  I loved every second of it....even the fall I guess. :)

Have you ever ate pavement at a race/run?  This was a first and hopefully last for me.  But I bet it was pretty funny to those people that saw it happen.  I aim to entertain! :):)

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's a Bumpy Ride

If you have been following the Jim & Micheal debate (If you haven't your totally missing out because they are just hilarious) go and read Jim's post from last night about how mean I am and how I called him a big wuss!  Jim's blog is one of my absolute favorites and I turn to it for work out ideas and inspiration daily.

Ashley you better watch out girl!  See what you have to deal with tomorrow when I pace you to a PR at the Hobble Creek Half Marathon!

Anyway, although I was totally kidding about my comment on Jim's blog (i knew he would understand me) it got me to thinking about the emotional roller coaster that is running.  In running we have good days and bad days, good runs and bad runs.  One day we come home from a run feeling like we are on top of the world and positive the Olympics will be calling to recruit us.  And the next day we are slapped back into reality and huffing and puffing after half a mile.  Just like life running is equally full of triumph and joy and disappointment and defeat.  Without an emotion attached it really wouldn't be very exciting anyway right?

So what do we do when we have a bad run, a full week of bad running or a terrible race?  Should we succumb to our fears, hang up our shoes, "wuss out" and take an easy ticket onto the merry-go round.   Or should we jump back on the roller coaster, embrace the suck, push our limits and live on the edge.

" Life can be like a roller coaster...
And just when you think you've had enough,
and your ready to get off the ride and take the calm, easy merry-go round...
You change your mind, throw you hands in the air
and ride the roller coaster all over again.
That's exhilaration...that's living a bit on the edge...that's being ALIVE."

My week of training has definitely been a roller coaster and full of highs and lows. I have experienced personal victories and defeats.  I haven't blogged much because I just haven't had anything intelligent, inspiring, creative or meaningful to say.  I have simply been working, running, and living life.  If your interested in reading about my training for the week click Here.

I am proud to say that I have broken through my own limits and tackled two afternoon runs this week.  Running after work is way out of my comfort zone and I have definitely had to remind myself that pushing limits is necessary for success.  I have wanted to coast on the merry-go round but I have embraced the roller coaster and it has been exhilarating and well worth the ride.  Rewarding myself with $1 frozen yogurt cones from Maverick after my afternoon workouts has also helped. :)

So what will you choose when running or life gets hard?  Will you give up and say it's just not for you or will you hop back on the ride, throw your hands in the air, and overcome your inner demons.

What training obstacles have you overcome this week?

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's OK to SLOW down

Today's Workout:  15 minutes weights, 9.75 treadmill miles.  4 mile warm up at 8 minute AP and then 5.5 miles at 7:10 AP.  Kicked ma booty!
Yesterday I ate a dove chocolate (I know shame, shame, whatever) and although I probably shouldn't have been gorging myself in such chocolatey goodness I definitely think it was a coincidence.  Watch out parents I am promoting chocolate consumption. 

My wrapper read:

If you can't read the the writing it says "It's OK to SLOW down."
I literally sat and starred at this wrapper for nearly 10 minutes.  Who knew a dove chocolate wrapper could solve all of my problems?  This message is so symbolic to so many aspects of my life and it really made me stop and think.

  You see I am the type of person that gets anxiety when I'm not busy.  I know it is abnormal but I really thrive on being busy ALL THE TIME.  When I have spare time I pace around my house trying to find something to do and I constantly feel guilty when I 'waste time'.  No matter what I am doing the back of my mind is always racing and shouting "you should be doing this, that, or the other". My head is always way ahead of my actions and the second I start a new task I am already thinking about the next task at hand. This manic behavior often leads me to beat myself up whenever I do take time to relax and slow down.

Thank you Dove for reminding me that is it OK to SLOW down.

Although this week is busy (who am I kidding every week is) I want to SLOW down and I want be OK with it.

This week I will SLOW down and spend more time with friends. 

The sweetest Ruth (second on left) is leaving us for Ohio at the end of this week. :(
I will SLOW down and go running/walking or just spend time just talking with my Mom and my Sister.

I will SLOW down my recovery runs and give my body the rest it deserves.  Read Janae's post Here about slowing down.

I will not be running my recovery runs with Ken.  It is impossible to slow down when running next to him. :)

I will SLOW down and enjoy my last week of freedom before I head back to school.

Do you thrive on being busy and have a hard time being OK with SLOWing down like me?

How are you going to SLOW down this week?

What is your favorite candy bar (calories do not count)?

Almond Snickers!  So random but so so good.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dash For Donation 5k (Best Day Ever)

I am trying hard to wrap my head around this mornings Dash For Donation race in honor of my brother Trevor and I am just so overwhelmed with emotions.  I am so thankful and grateful to everyone who supported this race today and just so appreciative and honored to have such amazing friends and family in my life. 

More than anything I walked away from this event feeling blessed, gratified, and happy. I never want to forget that feeling because it was euphoric.  I felt Trevor so near to me throughout the entire morning and I truly know that he loves me, he is watching over me, and he is so grateful to everyone who participated in his honor.  If you are new to my blog I would like to encourage you to read THIS post that talks about my brother and his heart.  Trevor was selfless and would always put others before himself and the fact that he chose to be an organ donor is absolutely no surprise to any of us. I am so proud that we were able to celebrate his life and his contribution through organ donation!

The rest of the story and recap in pictures:

We got a team sign before the race and Dillon was determined to carry it the entire time.

Team "Running For Trevor" before the start of the race.

This was my cousin Travis's very first 5k and he finished right behind me around 21:55.  So amazing and I am already trying to get him addicted to running. :)

Dillon was suppose to walk the 2k with my Dad but he saw Julia run passed and was determined to catch her.

The amazing Julia running.  Go and read her recap of the race right now.

Love this picture!  My Dad giving my Mom a high five as she runs passed him in her first 5k!

Me after I finished waiting to run my Mom in.  I will give you my mini Race Recap here: 

Basically I was not planning on racing this race at all but when the gun went off I became overwhelmed with happiness, excitement, and energy and just decided to go for it and run my little heart out for Trevor.  This course was hilly and it was hot but I felt the best I have ever felt in a race.  I felt smooth, strong, confident and fast the entire time.

Finishing Time:  3.25 miles, 21:45, 6:41 average pace.  Had the course not been long this definitely would have been a PR for me. 

But it's not about me or my time so lets get back to the pictures shall we. :)

Me and Julia cheering for Jared and my Dad I believe.  One of my favorite things about this event was having a team and being able to cheer on all of our team members.  Loved that so much and it did not feel like an individual race at all.

LeeAnna and Ken.  LeeAnna just started training to walk the 2k four weeks ago and I am incredibly proud of her.  Ken finished barely behind me and pushed me to run hard.  He is coming off of an injury and he is speedy mcspeedster!

Goofing around after the race.

My Mom and Dad.  Love them so so much!  My Mom finished her first ever 5k in 36 minutes.  I could not be more proud of her. 

The entire team after the race.

Me, Amber, and baby James.  Amber finished in 29 minutes even with all the hills and I am so so proud of her.

My Mom, Me, My Sister, and baby James. 

Me and Dillon celebrating after the race.  The child who was told he would never walk ran over a mile in honor of his cousin Trevor.  Simply amazing!

Baby James enjoying the refreshments.

I feel like I could honestly go on and on about this amazing day but ultimately I am just so thankful for all of the support and for being blessed to have my brother Trevor in my life for 21 priceless and incredible years. Trevor may be gone from this earth but his example and the memories live on forever.  I am so excited to make this race a family tradition and I know that Trevor would be proud! 

Sorry for the picture overload but thank you for reading and for being a part of my journey.