Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Half Marathon Recap

First of all I want to sincerely apologize for my absence the last 4-5 days.  I feel terrible that I have been such an awful blogger, commenter, reader, and friend.  I have been crazy busy and hope to catch up on everyone in the next few days. 

Saturday I ran the Provo Halloween Half Marathon.  This race was kind of a big deal to me because last year it was my very first half marathon.  Not only was it my first but it was also exactly one year after the death of my brother Trevor.  In 2010 this race was such a monumental and life changing experience for me and I was so excited to run it again in memory of my brother.  I wanted to remember that sense of accomplishment I felt 1 year ago and the closeness I felt to my brother that day.  I wanted to celebrate my brothers life and how far I have come in the two years since his passing.  I have an entire post in store about surviving the past two years without my best friend Trevor and how running has literally saved my life so I will talk in more details about that later.

Pre-race.  Dressed up like a little red devil.
This race is all about having fun, dressing up and celebrating Halloween. Going into it my only real goal was to have fun, beat last years time of 1:36 and maybe sneak in a sub 1:30.  I got a ride up to the top with my friend Julie and when I got there I met up with my cousin Travis.  We tried to stay warm, observed all of the crazy costumes, and jogged around a bit before the start of the race.  The race started at 9am and off we went down the mountain literally!

Miles 1-2 (6:16, 6:14):  Extreme decline down the mountain.  I did my best to control my pace and make sure my breathing was incredibly relaxed and the effort was easy.  I just enjoyed myself looking at all the costumes, and soaking in the beautiful fall colors down the canyon.  It was relaxing.

Miles 3-4 (6:09, 6:08):  Met a girl named Raquel and decided to stick with her.  She was going a little faster than I had planned but she was fun to talk to so I just decided to go for it.  My cousin Travis was about .25 miles ahead of me and I kept trying to keep him in sight.  I was incredibly impressed with how fast he was flying down the mountain.

Miles 5-6 (6:35, 6:53):  The first mile out of the canyon is always the toughest and I remember thinking that the downhill had lasted longer last year.  Oh well I was determined to keep up my pace and run as hard as I could for as long as I could.  I was also greeted with a familiar face as soon as I hit mile 6.  My friend Julie was waiting there and asked if I wanted her to run with me.  I happily accepted and was so excited to have her by my side and pacing me to the finish.

Miles 7-8 (6:58, 6:35):  Julie and I caught up in mile 7 and chatted for most of it.  I also ate a chocolate #9 gel.  The gel kicked in at mile 8 and I was feeling really good.  We were passing people and I kept repeating in my head "smooth, strong, fast".

Miles 9-10 (6:39, 6:37):  Still feeling good but definitely glad I had Julie there to push me.  We kept a consistent pace and I felt strong.  Julie asked me about my plan and I said "I just want sub 1:30".  Luckily she knew that I was capable of better than that and continued to push forward.  I stopped at the aid station at mile 10 and ate half a gel.

Miles 11-12 (7:02, 6:43):  Mile 11 was really tough.  We had to run around the parking lot and through a gravel pit.  I am using that as an excuse for my slow mile but it really did mess with my head.  I was able to get back on track for mile 12 and we picked up a new person for our little group.  I did not get his name because I was way to focused on keeping up with Julie.

Mile 13-13.1 (6:52, 6:25):  The last mile of the race was probably literally the toughest mile I have ever ran.  Physically I was toast but I just kept pushing.  I ran past my uncle and then my family and that gave me the mental boost I needed to stay strong.  I really really wanted to slow down or stop and walk but Julie wouldn't let me and just kept encouraging me.  At one point I was screaming out loud "fight, fight, fight".  And that is exactly what I was doing.  I was fighting with everything I had for every single step I took.  I kept reminding myself that this race was for Trevor and that he never quit fighting and either could I.  When I hit the mile 13 mark I kicked as best I could and ran into the finish line incredibly proud.

Crossing that finish line was such a euphoric and proud moment for me.  I felt every single sense of accomplishment, pride, and gratitude that I had felt just 1 year earlier. 

I am so thankful and grateful for the talent and ability I have to run.  I feel incredibly fortunate that my body allows me to do this and I promise to never take it for granted.  I vow to always put my heart and sole into this passion and to continue fighting every single day of my life in everything I do.  Running is hard but at the end of the day I want to strive to finish every race and every obstacle in life knowing that I have given it everything that I have.  I truly feel that way about this race.  I pushed harder than what I thought I was capable of and I am proud to say I gave it my all.

Finish Time:  1:26:24, 6:36 average pace.  Exactly 10 minutes faster than my time last year.  8/2363 female, 2/444 age group.

I would like to post more on my feelings about this race and how I overcame a personal barrier with the help of my friend Julie but I will save it for another day.  Julie is an Elite runner and could have ran this race much faster but I am so thankful that she stuck by my side and helped me realize my true potential.
Julie and I after the race.
I would like to express how incredibly thankful I am that I have such an amazing family that always goes above and beyond to support me no matter what.  My sister was awesome and ran with me for half a mile.  My Dad drove home Friday night at midnight just to be to my race Saturday morning and my Mom is always my number one fan.  Whether I come in first or last my family does not care but they are always there to cheer for me and support me no matter what.  I am so incredibly lucky.

Me and my smallest fan Baby James.

My Mom and Dad braved the cold to be there for me.

Cousin Travis and Sister Amber.
And lastly how could I not mention my amazing friends.  So many of them ran this race and I wish I had pictures with each of them.  They all inspire me and make me want to be a better person and I am so thankful and grateful to be surrounded by such encouraging and supportive people.
Forever bestest friend Julia.  She set a PR by 2 minutes and I am so incredibly proud of her.  Just love this girl to pieces.

Rachelle, Janae, and Julia.  Rachelle and Janae took second place in the costume contest and her and her sister both ran amazing races.

My cousin Travis rocked this race finishing in 1:29, and Francis and Julia both set major PR's as well.
 Sorry this post got so long but this was just such an amazing experience for me and I never want to forget it.  If I had to sum the day up with one word it would be GRATITUDE.  Gratitude that my body allows me to run and gratitude that I am surrounded by such amazing friends and family that continually support me.  I am one very lucky little red devil!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Today's Workout:  6.25 miles easy, core work.  3 miles easy after work.

Not to brag or anything but.......MY LV RAGNAR TEAM FREAKING ROCKED!

We took 32nd place out of 406 teams.  (Not to mention that I am 100% sure the first 2 teams are wrong and that would put us 30th.  Also most of those top teams were entered as "men" and we were a "mixed" team.)

Anyway we rocked and that is the bottom line.  Thanks for all of your comments on my recap.  I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement.  And for all those that were interested in the underwear man....well apparently he's a fellow Utahan (and you thought all Utah people were conservative polygamists?)  Nope!  We are all just nuts!  I'm not sure if underwear man is married or not but I am working on finding out.  I'm fairly confident that together we could produce some pretty spectacular offspring.  Maybe a mini Joe Dirt, or spiderbaby or something.

Okay wow I am getting WAY off subject.  The only point of this post is to announce my teams finish time and the giveaway winner!  No one guessed my costume correctly but some one guessed our finish time exactly correct.  Holy smokes you guys are smart.

Our finish time was 27:25:01


Danielle from Happy, Healthy and Strong (who won my other guessing giveaway by the way) guessed 27:25!  Geez Danielle how could you have missed the 1 second?  Seriously girl you must be psychic and we must meet up in Boston so that you can rub all of your good luck off on me.

I already have your address so I will send you your package by Friday.  I am sending her a bunch of running goodies that I love.

1 Active Band headband

4 Gotein Samples

2 Chocolate #9 Gels

and 1 Nike sweatband

Congratulations Danielle!
Just one last thing.  I booked my flight to Boston today!  It is officially official and I am so excited.  Time for me to focus on staying healthy and enjoying some miles. :)  Please, please contact me if you live in Boston or are going to be there for the Boston marathon so that we can meet up.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Las Vegas Ragnar Relay Recap

Workouts:  On my training blog if your interested.

**The giveaway winner will be announced as soon as the final team times are released from Ragnar so stay tuned for that!

If I had to sum up the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay in one word it would be FUNJust so much fun!  Amylee and Julia both wrote amazing recaps and there is absolutely no way I can top what they said so I suggest you head on over to they're blogs and read their recaps right now.

This race was incredibly monumental for me because last year it was my first real running event besides a couple of 5ks and 10ks. Last year I showed up to run in my Ross shoes and didn't have a clue about pacing or running up hills!  I learned SO MUCH from the race last year and could not wait to run it again.

My only real goal going into it was to have fun, support my team well, and make memories.  All of which I am proud to say I accomplished.  Running wise I had no real goals.  I hadn't ran fast at all since the marathon and truly had no idea what I was capable of.  I knew I wanted to try to run fast but more than anything I wanted to enjoy the experience.  Sometimes just taking the pressure off is most important and that is what I did.
Meet our van:  I think I have shared in the past that the main reason I love Ragnar is because of the camaraderie and team work.  None of us could accomplish 188 miles on our own but together we make it happen.  Love that!

Runner # 7 Ken - the fearsome leader and first runner in our van!  Ken undoubtedly had the hardest legs of the race and ran them all with a smile.  He is full of energy and never slows down.
Runner #9 Travis - My awesome cousin and newbie runner extraordinaire!  Travis was seriously inspiring to me, he just started running and is already faster than me. He is a smart runner and it was really exciting to share this experience with him.  He may never talk to me ever again after I embarrassed him so much but that is okay.
Runner #10 Julia - The always amazing and strong girl that we all admire!  Julia is my running bff for life and I love her to death.  Julia and I have an amazing friendship, we understand each other, we support each other, and we are just like sisters.  She inspires me on a daily basis and she overcame some incredibly hard obstacles during her last leg of the race.  I am very proud of her.
Runner #11 Amylee - The skinny but fierce ball of fire!  Amy is kind of my running twin and idol.  We run very similar paces and I am always looking up to her and copying her training.  Although I felt like I already knew her through her blog she showed me how strong, positive, and fast she really is.  She had hard legs and she never quit.  She was an amazing example to me throughout the race.
Runner #12 Heather - Ken's sister and the funnest and most caring person I have ever met!  Heather is a true inspiration to me and a wonderful example of how working hard really pays off.  I ran with Heather in Napa and she improved her overall pace in Vegas by over a minute!!  She worked hard and more than anything Heather is mentally strong.  I look up to her and am very proud of the way she ran.
As you can see I was in good hands and I had an amazing group of people to run with.  I could not have asked for a better team and every single one of them make me incredibly proud.  They all ran they're hearts out and left everything they had out in the desert.  I look up to each of them in so many ways and they all make me want to be a better person.  Ragnar really isn't about running.  It is about friendship, having fun, enjoying the moment, and building everlasting relationships.
The entire group.  Amy, Ken, Travis, Mike, Ridge, Jeffrey, John, Julia, Lance, Roxie, and Heather

Unfortunately all of these awesome and amazing people were stuck with me and forced to deal my crazy shenanigans!  I'll be honest when I admit that I had easy legs of the race.  I picked the easiest leg because I was  lazy  worried about how I would run so close after the marathon.  I surprised myself and ran well and consistent.
Leg 1:  This was my hardest leg but it truly wasn't anything compared to some of the other's legs.  The main obstacle was the 90 degree heat.  But I just ran controlled and consistent.  4.6 miles, 7:12 pace.

Leg 2:  I couldn't help but love this leg.  I mean I was dressed up as spiderman after all and it was the middle of the night and nice and cool out.  What could be better?  I just had fun, smiled, and was reminded of why I love running.  I didn't listen to music and it was incredibly peaceful and serene.  People starred at me but I was cool with that.  4.16 miles, 6:59 pace.

Yup seriously ran in this.  No shame at all.
Leg 3:  My last leg was all downhill and although I was incredibly fatigued I was most excited about this leg.  I ran so consistently that I even impressed myself.  I felt smooth, relaxed, and powerful the entire time.  It was such a great feeling.  It was hot (maybe 85?) but I tried to stay calm and not think about the heat.  5.71 miles, 6:35 pace.

Running Summary:  I am improving as a runner and this is the first time I can say I actually ran smart.  I am learning what I am capable of and I am growing.  Speed and paces aside I am happy with the way I ran and the improvements I have made.

Now back to the fun stuff!  Here are some pictures for your entrainment.  Again I will sum this up with the word FUN.  I had A LOT of FUN!

Crossing the finish line after 188 miles of pure FUN.

Just being the weirdo that I am.

I really have no idea.  But I was happy and energetic after no sleep and little to eat.  Ragnar is like a drug I swear.

I tried to bring this guy home with me for family dinner but couldn't convince him to come.  Sorry Mom!

Meeting up with the amazing Becky after her first leg.

And last but not least....TRIPLE MEDALS.
So there you have it.  Now who wants to party I mean run a Ragnar with my crazy ass?

I'm pretty sure my teammates got enough embarrassment out of me after this adventure and I'm going to need some new volunteers.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Place Your Bet {GIVEAWAY}

Today's Workout:  Weights (triceps) 20 minutes, 7.4 miles on the treadmill, 1-4% incline, 60 minutes.

Guess what friends?  I'm off to Las Vegas this afternoon! 

I'm so excited I've nearly wet myself three times already this morning.  Whenever I hear the word "vacation" I instantly revert to a 4 year old mindset.  I am going to be gambling, getting my tan on (87 degrees in Vegas baby), people watching, eating a lot of crap, gambling, and oh yeah running in the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay!   Team "7 Studs and Their Showgirls" is ready to get they're party on!

Me and Julia last year at Vegas Ragnar.  Our first relay race!

I've got my bikini packed.  That's all I should need right?

Since I'm going to be busy all weekend hitting the slots I figured it's only fair that I give you all a chance to place your bets too.

The giveaway is easy to enter.  Just place your bets on the questions below and the bidder that is the closest will win.  If I don't lose all my money playing video poker with Julia I'll bring you back something from Sin City and throw a bunch of running crap (Active band, Cliff Shot blocks, Chocolate #9) in the package as well.  I promise it will be an epic running prize package.

First:  Become of follower of Running For Trevor and let me know in the comments why you love me?  ha ha okay or just let me know your a follower. 

Second:  Guess what my team's overall finish time will be?  *Hint*  The relay is 195 miles and our projected team pace is 8:26

Third:  Guess what superhero I will make an appearance as to run my night leg?  It's close enough to Halloween to dress up right.

*Bonus points if you can give me your secrets to winning at the black jack table.*

The giveaway will end Monday October 24th.  I hope you get lucky!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Memorable Moments

"We do not remember days; we remember moments." - Cesare Pavese
After St. George Marathon I promised myself I would relax, take deep breaths, slow down, and take more time to live in the moment.  Leading up to the marathon I constantly found myself questioning the future or dwelling on the past.  Did I run enough?  Did I race too much?  Was I putting enough into school and work with all of the marathon stress?  Was I going to be disappointed if I did not meet my goals? 

I was stuck in the past, fearing the future, and forgetting to live in the moment.

This weekend I slowed down and savored the moment.  I did not think once about the past or stress about what I have coming up.  I just simply enjoyed each and every moment.

Moments meeting new friends and spending time with old friends I rarely see.  It wasn't about the ice cream it was about the conversation and the Moment.  Julia, Janae, Ann, Ashley, and I.
Moments with my family talking, learning, growing, and making memories.
Moments laughing about how big I made my salad. :)
Moments teaching my nephew how to drum with the bread stick sticks.
Moments running 14 miles with one my best friends Julia.  The first half of the run was hard for both of us but I never want to forget the Moment we decided to keep pushing despite the run feeling really hard.  Moments like this remind me of just how tough I am and how much I am capable of enduring.

My weekend was full of many memorable moments and when I look back on my life I know I wont remember the days or the years but I always want to remember the moments.

 What were your memorable moments from the weekend?

Also congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend!  I know there were tons of you and I hope you all accomplished your goals but more importantly I hope you cherished the moment.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless (with captions) W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y


Is for...

WALK - What me and my nephew did to entertain ourselves this afternoon.

Is for...
EXPLORE - What my nephew did to entertain himself and make me run around like crazy all day. :)

Is for...
DORKY - The way I look in my new refuel hat.

Is for...
NEW - Shirt from Team Refuel I got in the mail today.

Is for...
EIGHT - Times my size my 15 month old nephew is.

Is for...
SNEAKY - My nephew thought he was when he stole 2 packs of fruit snacks out of my purse.  Luckily I stash the really good stuff (fruit roll ups and goldfish crackers) in my drawer at work.

Is for...

DOUBLE - Runs I did today.  AM:  5.5 miles, PM:  3 miles.  This sweaty picture is after the 3 miler.  You wouldn't have wanted to seen me after the 5.5!

Is for...
AWESOME - all of my readers that voted for me and helped me win this $250 from Team Refuel.

Is for...
YOGURTLAND - that I'm craving right now but have to wait until Friday to get.  It's a hard life I live. :)
How was your W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Slow & Easy

Today's Workout:  20 minutes weights, 8 treadmill miles, 1-2% incline, 64 minutes.

PM:  2 mile easy, 8:09 pace, perfect weather.

As I slowly ease into the work week I am full of joy, satisfaction, and memories as I reflect on my "slow & easy" weekend.  No races, no planned training runs, and no obligations.  Usually I thrive on staying busy but having a weekend to myself without a schedule was refreshing and just what I needed.

Saturday I took my running on a "slow and easy" therapy run.  It was 39 degrees and raining and I set out without an ipod and without a plan.  I didn't care how far I went, or how fast or how slow I was.  I just wanted to run for me and the pure thrill of adventure.  It was exhilarating and I was so happy and thankful to just be running.  My legs felt surprisingly light, the mild rain was perfect, and the cool breeze felt refreshing.  I ran a familiar route but I noticed new things.  It was thrilling, fun, and one of those runs that reminds me why I run.

10 miles, 8:22 average pace. 

The rest of the day was "slow and easy" and spent with family.  We caught up while eating lunch.  We reminisced, we laughed, and we smiled.  We set out to my parents new house to "get things done" but instead we just enjoyed our time together without projects, deadlines, or interruptions.  It was perfect!

My Mom and Dad's new house.
The view from the back porch.

Sunday was no different.  I slowly rolled out of bed without an alarm and met Julia at the track.  The pups reunited and me and Julia walked, and walked, and walked.  Time flew by and I didn't care because I was in no hurry.  It felt so good to just walk, talk, and not feel guilty about taking it "slow and easy." (P.S. check out this website where me and Julia are featured as part of a promo for the Halloween half marathon.  We are famous!)
Best dog friends for life!

Seriously way too busy playing for a decent picture!

So there you have it.  Nothing exciting happened all weekend but it was memorable because I took the time to slow down and take it easy.  Cheesy I know but something I desperately needed.

How often do you slow down and take it easy?

Any big news I missed out on?

My parents have no cable or Internet at they're new house and I was there most of the weekend so catch me up.