Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Del Sol Ragnar Relay - Bust Must+

Today's Workout:  30 minutes weights, 9 miles running - 71 minutes.  More detailed Boston training updates can be found on the training blog.

Whoa nelly....it's been awhile since I've blogged.  I did attempt to grace you with my ridiculousness last week but blogger was not having it.  So here I am back to blogging in hopes of keeping this little journal of mine a float. ;)

Last Thursday I ventured on a much needed vacation to Phoenix Arizona to run Del Sol Ragnar.  I had an absolute blast and soaked up plenty of sunshine.  Seriously if you ever have an opportunity to run a relay race do not even hesitate.  This was my 6th and it most definitely did not disappoint.  Team relays in my opinion are the best way to experience the fun side of running.  Training seriously can lead to burnout and this little trip was just what I needed to releive some pressure and remind me of just how fun running should be.

Del Sol Ragnar:  Del Sol Ragnar runs from Wickenburg to Tempe AZ and is 200.5 mi.

Lots of desert running.

Our Team Name:  Bust Must+  From the movie Napoleon Dynamite.  If you haven't seen this movie rent it tonight.  It is the dumbest and stupid funniest 80 minutes you will ever spend in your life.  Totally worth it!

If you've seen the movie you will totally get this.  We were all characters from the movie and Ken was Kip.

The Start:  Our team started at 9am and I was in van #1.  We got to the start at about 8:30am and after getting checked in and passing safety inspection I was off.

Leg #1:  8.7 miles, 543 foot elevation gain.  This was by far my hardest leg of the race with the elevation gain.  But luckily I have been training at a 2% incline on the treadmill throughout the winter and it didn't seem too bad.  A lot of guys started out really fast and I ended up passing 12 of them in the final miles.  I paced 7:30 and felt pretty good.

Thumbs up because I'm about to pass someone on one of the hills and I will no longer have to stare at a big man in a little thong.

See ya later Victoria Secret model dude.  Hope the chaffing from the thong feels better later buddy. :)

Pumped to be finished with leg #1 and to have scored me some sweet flammingo beads.  Ragnar Mardi Gras!
Leg #2:  6 miles, flat.  In a big city with tons of street lights.  This leg started at about 7pm and the weather was perfect!  Getting stopped at lights was super annoying but other than that I felt great and paced 7:14.

All dorked out in my safety gear and ready to rock Leg #2.
Leg #3:  3.5 miles, 241 foot elevation gain.  This leg started at 3:45am and I am convinced I was still half asleep.  We got to the exchange literally right in time for me to run.  When my garmin beeped at mile 1 I looked down to see 8:18!  ha!  After that I kicked it into tenth gear and managed to recover my overall pace to 7:29.  No matter how easy your legs are in Ragnar you are always toast by the least leg no matter what.

After Leg #3.  Excited to be done and very ready for a shower.
Finish Line:  Van #1 was all done running by 8:30am and lucky for us we had time for a shower, a nap, and lots of food.  All you really do on Ragnars is eat, run, and sleep?  Okay really you don't sleep at all but you eat & run and hang out in a van a lot. Ever craved a turkey & cheese sandwhich at 4:30 in the morning?  Run a Ragnar and you'll know what I'm talking about.  There is absolutely no sense of time of day.  Okay I am getting way side tracked......Our team crossed the finish line at about 12:20p.m.  We were the 10th team to cross the finish line.  We were about the 240th team to start so we had plenty of road kill.

Yeah we did it!  Crossing the finish line.

Running accross the finish line as a team.

Overall Results:  In the mixed division we were team 5/203 and finished in 27:32:44 for an overall average team pace of 8:14.  Not too shabby!

Team Bust Must+

The girls.  Candice, Heather, Moi, Marcie, and Brandie.  What an awesome group of gals.

Van #1:  Kristopher, Ken, Moi, Marcie, Nate, and Travis.

Van #2:  Candice, Brandie, Heather, John, Jeffrey, and Mike.

Starla & Rex.  Napoleon Dynamite names. :)

And then this happened:

I slept by the pool and soaked up the Arizona sunshine until it was time to return to the dreadful state of Utah.

 Conclusion:  I am moving to Arizona.  I wish!  It was an amazing trip and I am so glad I got to be a part of such a fun group of talented runners.  I made new friends, spent quality time with old friends, ate way too many cinnamon bears and overall just had a blast.  My running was right where I wanted it to be, HM/MP paced tempo runs and I felt great.

Anyone have any questions about Ragnar or how it works?  I am no expert but this was my 6th so I am starting to catch on.

Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite?  If not what are you wating for!!


  1. I would love to do a Ragnar! It sounds so fun! I adore Napoleon Dynamite, it makes me laugh every time without fail!! Great times, you rocked!!

  2. ahh looks like so much fun! I love the Kip costume - I was so hoping you would be Deb, but Starla is awesome too. I just watched that movie on TV the other day and couldn't stop laughing. It's so dumb you can't help it.

    So Ragnar question - what is your opinion on the size of the van you team uses? Is it totally doable to use a mini van or would you prefer a big passenger van?

    Also - what is the one thing to bring along that isn't obvious but you would really suggest having?

  3. Do you think anybody thinks I'm a failure because I go home to Starla at night? Forget about it!

  4. awww! you all were so dang speedy. i saw the pics on FB and kept wondering how you looked so good after 3 legs of ragnar!?! then i realized you were van 1. haha! so fun! good work friend! you rocked it! sounds like your legs fell at the perfect times of day as well!

  5. i so want to do one of these but 1) i can't seem to get anyone else on board and 2)i don't want to slow people down! how do you find all your teams?


  6. I love Napolean Dynamite, I used to watch it like once a week, such a classic! Looks like a fun team to be on for the relay and nice job with all the roadkill!

  7. I totally missed that you were running this Ragnar! how fun! I LOVE the name!! And yeah--coming back from AZ sun to this would not be very fun!

  8. hahaha I loved this recap! looks like a super fun-ny bunch :) your hair is getting so long and looks great! way to go you super speedy ragnar star :D I have never run one but if I do, I'm going to come do one with you :) ....if you want a slower person on your team that is lol and so funny that you were all characters from Napoleon Dynamite! LOVE IT!

  9. This was fabulous and makes me so pumped for my first Ragnar this June! I'd love some tips on training--do you run 2x/day to prep?? Color me clueless.
    Congrats! ND was on just the other night. Such a great flick!

  10. This looks SO fun! Can't wait to Ragnar with you!!

  11. Oh, I loved AZ so much while we were staying there (just for two months)... We were right near the Mexico border in a tiny city called Sierra Vista, but the weather was always so gorgeous.

    It looks like you guys had an awesome time... and I love the team theme!! :D

  12. First: LOVE the recap! We had a blast reliving your Ragnar! Second: the Napoleon Dynamite getups are soooooooo clever!

  13. Yay! I am so excited for the Madison to Chicago Ragnar in June!! What do you think is the most important thing to pack (besides clothes, etc)?

  14. Woohooo!!!!! I'm with ya, Ragnars are the best part of running. Looks like you had a blast, and you guys totally killed it. Love the Napoleon Dynamite theme! I haven't seen the show in an eternity- I might just have to pull it out. See you soon?

  15. And PS- You're totally on my sub list for Wasatch Back.

  16. Man, are you EVER unhappy when you run ... I love looking at your pic's cause you're always so happy! Stay at home and eat all the chips Kip.


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