Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I'm "Love"-ing

Today's Workout:  30 minutes weights, 8 miles treadmill-66 minutes

Boston training progress on the training blog.

Happy Valentines Day!!  There are so many things I am truly loving in my life right now and what better day to share them with you then on this day dedicated to love!

Loving that the Westlake Girls basketball team coached by my Dad came back after some tough losses and beat the #2 ranked team in 4A with a huge upset.

I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.
Michael Jordan

Loving that I was able to run for such a great cause, in honor of Sherry Arnold over the weekend with awesome friends.

Loving my adorable nieces and nephews.  Mya, Daija and Dreyden turned 2 over the weekend and we all  got together to celebrate.  These little miracles were born 10 weeks premature and they are healthy, strong and loving life. 

Loving that my sweet friend Alisha made the most delicious and adorable cupcakes for the triplets awesome Sesame Street themed party.

So what if the hats were meant just for the kids.  So what!

Go and Checkout my friend Alisha's blog right now.  She is the owner of Cravings-Alisha Cupcakes and she does AMAZING work.
Loving my family more than ever.  The older I get the more I realize just how lucky I am and just how much I truly love my family.

Loving that I got to run in a massive snow storm Sunday morning.  What a fun and memorable adventure!

So Single awareness day?  I say heck no.  I love Valentines Day and am reminded today of all of the love I am surrounded by.  I feel incredibly blessed to have so much love in my life and can truly say that without a doubt I am living the life I love. ;)

What are you loving today?


  1. ahhh! i love that pic of your dad's team...they look so excited. love the genuine pure joy on their faces! it brought a smile to my face. and seriously. love your fam. you all are so special to me. the triplets are getting so big and the party looks amazingly cute and fun. Alisha did a fantastic job with the cupcakes...TOO CUTE! and that last pic of you is just simply awesome. you are hard core for getting out there on Sunday! love it! Today I am just loving being right HERE in this moment for the first time in a while. I am appreciative for so many things but mostly just grateful for everything in my life right NOW.

  2. I love all of these pictures!! Wanna send me a cupcake?! Haha they look incredible! I am loving everything and everyone in my life today. I am truly blessed to be surrounded but such amazingness!!!! including YOU! I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day!!! xoxo

  3. Great great pics!!! I have triplet nieces and nephews too...small world:)

    I am loving just thinking about what my husband is going to make for dinner tonight...and loving that my kids are going to clean up afterwards...and loving thinking about whether I should have wine or martinis tonight...hmmm:)

  4. Happy Valentines Day!! YOu have some fabulous things to be lovin!!

  5. oh i am loving all the love! and i want those cupcakes!!

  6. I am loving those cupcakes! they make the ones I am making look boring! Great set of things to be loving. I am loving running, this mild winter, and of course my husband and kids

  7. YAY for Dad's team!!!!!!!!!!

    I could just eat those kids up....and Alisha's cupcakes too! they're amazing :)

  8. So many wonderful things! Yay for your dad's team! Look at those precious trips and wow amazing cupcakes. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. This makes me so happy!!! Family is the best part of life. Hands down. Those triplets are little miracles for sure. Congrats to you Dad for the win!

  10. Love this post, Rachelle. I'm LOVING the training and running right now. Just loving it.

  11. Last night we went to a concert at the Energy Solutions Arena. One of the concession stands had a sign that said it was being operated by the Westlake baseball team. I had just read your post about your dad's team at Westlake. I knew it wasn't your dad's team, but since it was Westlake, I made sure to buy everything from them in support.

  12. Is that actually a running hat you are wearing?? It's adorable! I love those cupcakes too, they are so cute. Looks like a fun party!

  13. What an awesome take on VD! I'm loving my life! It's not always easy and it's by no means perfect but it's mine and I'm making it what I want it to be.

  14. I'm totally late to this loving party, but I'm loving how cute you are in your party hat! Those cupcakes are so cute and amazing too! Your miracle nieces and nephews are adorable and totally deserved that awesome Sesame Street party - what fun! Seeing you dressed up and ready for a snow run makes me miss Utah running, and I NEVER thought I'd think that about running in snow. Wish I could've been there with you!

  15. Thanks for the comment about your 20 miler! This is awesome!! Where is your training listed again? Do you have a training blog?


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