Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dash For Donation - Running For Trevor

I run a lot of races for a lot of different charities and the Dash For Donation is by far the most important and memorable event I participate in each year.  The Dash for Donation was created to raise awareness and money for organ and tissue donation.

All of my Mom's side of the family before the race start.

The four kiddos Dreyden, James, Mya & Daija all ready to go.
On Saturday my family and friends gathered together and participated in this fundraising 5K for the 2nd year in a row in honor of my brother.  Trevor was an organ and tissue donor and this is such a positive way to celebrate and remember his life!  I am always inspired by the stories I hear at this race each year and my family and I will continue to support this great cause.

My family getting ready to run in honor of Trevor.
Trevor is gone from this earth but we will never quit celebrating his amazing life and the impact he imprinted upon all of us for generations to come.  Through his selfless gift of organ and tissue donation his vibrant spirit lives on forever!  I will spare you my words and let the pictures tell the rest of the story.  Thanks so much to Andrea from Wasatch & Beyond for capturing some great shots of this memorable day.

At the start excited to run.

My sister in law Monica running her very first 5K all in honor of Trevor.

My cousin running the 5K after working a graveyard shift.  Poor Lucas ran an extra lap around the park and ended up doing about 5 miles. :)

My Grandma & Grandpa persevering and finishing the 2k walk.   So proud of them.

My cousin Josh went back to walk with and encourage Grandma & Grandpa.

Smiling at the end of a 5k when does that happen?  When I'm running for Trevor of course! :)
The kids loved chasing after the ducks at Sugar House Park.
James showing off the Nalgene Bottle he won at the raffle after the race.
Daija & Mya after the race for Uncle Trevor.

Amber, her friend Lindsey and the kids after the race.

The entire "Running For Trevor" team after the race.
I am so incredibly thankful and grateful to everyone that came out and supported this amazing cause.  Organ donation is something I am extremely passionate about as I have seen the countless miracles that come from the selfless gift of donation.  I am incredibly proud of Trevor for chosing to be a donor and so glad that we can contribute to this cause and celebrate his life!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So Many Exciting Things Happening

August is such a busy time of year with so much going on.  All fun and exciting things so no complaints here.  Just busy, busy, busy enjoying life and preparing for my next adventure. :)  Here is a list of what I've been up to and whats to come running wise.

1.  Wings of Love 5k Race.  This last Saturday I ran a 5k race in my hometown of Nephi and it was such a fantastic experience.  I was asked to speak at the event on how running has helped me to cope with the death of my brother.  It was SUCH a great morning and I feel so fortunate that I was able to participate.  The race was great but what I enjoyed more was the reason we were all there running.  I will do a full recap on the race later this week.

 2.  Dash for Donation 5K.  I cannot believe this has already snuck up on me this year.  We will be participating in the annual Dash For Donation 5k/2k race again this year in honor of my brother Trevor.  If you live in Utah please, please join us in running in honor of my brother and all those who have chose to celebrate life through organ donation.  Click here to Register.  The event is this Saturday August 11th and begins at 8am.  My family and I have ordered team "Running For Trevor" shirts so please let me know if you sign up so I can get you shirt to run in.  This is such a great way to honor my brother and I cannot wait to participate again.  If you register make sure to register as a team.  Use team name:  Running For Trevor and Captain Name:  Rachelle.  I hope to see you all there!
3.  Pacing.  On July 28th I paced the Timpanogos Half Marathon.  On August 25th I will pace the Top of Utah Half marathon and on September 1st I will pace the Pocetello Half Marathon.  Pacing is a lot of fun and has helped keep me busy and in great shape this Summer.  I even have a real pacer profile page now.  Check it out!  If any of my readers want to run the Pocetello half or full marathon use code PACETEAM20 for a $20.00 discount.

4.  Payson Onion Days 10k.  I am so excited to run this race for the 3rd year in a row.  It is Monday September 3rd and I cannot wait to see what I am capable of in this distance.  Small town races are my absolute favorite and having a race that starts 1.5 miles away from my house is just awesome.  Sign up and run with me.

5.  Fall Marathon.  I have finally decided to sign up for a fall marathon.  I've known I wanted to run another marathon this year for awhile now and after much debate I finally decided on the Top of Utah Marathon held on September 15th.  My Dad is from Cache county and I am really looking forward to this race.  A 6 week marathon training plan isn't exactly ideal but I've got a solid base and it will be interesting to see how the very shortened training cycle plays out.

As you can see I'm keeping busy and Running around like crazy!