Thursday, March 7, 2013

Every. Single. Step.

Life and running are not all about time, setting a new PR, reaching goals, or getting to the finish line first but about our experiences along the way.  Once you cross that finish line, complete that big work project, make that "x" amount of dollars you've been striving for, ect, that chapter of your life might temporarily close but the book doesn't end and the journey continues.  We are always moving forward in life and running one step, one minute, one experience at a time.

Every single step counts and none of them should be taken for granted because there are experiences to be gained from every single step we take in life.  Every. single. step.

Last weekend I stepped off of a plane and into Phoenix Arizona and was greeted by some familiar smiling faces.

I requested a picture with my 4 inch high heels so I didn't look so short but clearly it's still not working for me.  Next time I'll pack the one foot high heels. ;)
I had the coolest opportunity and experience a person could possibly ask for when I set foot into Arizona.  I was fortunate enough to share steps and run with Emz for 18 miles of the Phoenix Marathon and I am so incredibly grateful for every single step. 

Every single step I shared with this girl was special to me, every single step!  Some steps were easy, some steps were hard, a lot of steps were excruciatingly painful but she kept moving forward one single step at a time.  When the steps in life and running become hard, impossible even we have a choice to make.  We can throw our hands in the air or we can keep moving forward one step at a time.  Every single step we take in life is an experience and forward progress if we allow it to be, every single step!

Emz was told by a doctor not to run, she was dealing with an injury, she started cramping at mile 15, she had every single reason to quit, to give up, even to drop and never step across the finish line.  No not her, not this women!  Not once did she consider stopping or using her injury to justify quitting instead she moved forward one single step at a time.  She persevered through every single step and finished with a PR of 3:17 and 2nd place in her age group.  The fact that she finished 14th overall and in the top 5% of the marathon is cool but what stands out to me is the way she fought for every single step.  What an incredibly strong women and what a great life lesson to be gained from her example.

I am thankful.  I am thankful for the opportunity I had to share this incredible experience with Emz and to share those steps with her.  To see and to feel her determination, her heart, her grit, her will to fight for every single step.  It was inspiring.  I am thankful for her for allowing me to share these steps with her.  For sharing her life with me, her home with me, her family with me.  Again grateful for the experiences running continues to bring to my life. 

What a great reminder to me to embrace all the steps in life.  There will be easy steps and there will always be hard steps.  It is not how we handle the easy steps in life but how we react to the hard steps that truly matters. We choose how we embrace and learn from the hard steps in life and  no matter what we must remember to keep moving forward and never take any of the steps for granted.  Life is a continuation not a destination and it is overcoming the hardest steps in life that define our character.

Make the most of every. single. step. 

If you are reading I would like to ask you an important question.  I am not sure who reads these shenanigans (Mom and sister I know you do) but if you are out there please respond.  I am speaking and presenting about healthy living at a women's conference next weekend and am wondering if you were attending what would you be most interested in hearing from me?


  1. First I love this post and it was full of so many things I needed to hear right now. I'm glad you both have this memory!! Second, I think at a conference like that I would want reiterated that its okay to take the time for yourself each day you need. Not hear that you should but hear that it's okay and you should not feel bad. Whether it be the hour workout, a few moments to close your eyes, or whatever. Those moments allow growth, refreshment and self appreciation and allow you to even be better for those people and things surrounding you.

  2. EMZ just has a way of touching hearts. Lucky girl! Stay strong!

  3. I always read even if I don't always respond :). I love reading what you have to say and this is one of my favorite running blogs because it's real, you're not pushing a bunch of products on us, and you're clearly a healthy person with a life beyond running. Plus you run for a great reason :).

    EMZ sounds like a really inspirational person- I love reading stories like this bc it gives me motivation too. So glad you could share in her steps (now on the other hand, I would only be able to keep up with her for a step or two at that speed, but oh well!).

    As far as the conference goes, I would just tell about how you started running in your brother's honor, how that inspired you. It's a healthy living conference so there will probably be a lot on nutrition and exercise so it'll be nice to add some inspiration to it. Just my two cents.

  4. Abs. Wow!!

    What a great post! Achievements we have to fight for always mean more to us than those that were given to us. That's why we're given trials in life, so that the reward means something to us.

    I would love to hear about the inner confidence that can be gained through running. I think focusing on what's inside is more important than what's outside.

  5. aw, so cool! Inspiring. You know, I think I'd love to hear some of how you process life mentally. Your self talk that keeps you goal driven and making healthy choices. I'd also love to hear some of the ways you incorporate strength/core/healthy eating so that it fits into your life without taking too much time. do I even make sense here? Sorry I'm tired. :)

  6. so happy you were able to share in EMZ's PR and witness her strength.

    For your conference--- you are one of, if not the most, positive runners i've met. You constantly hit your goals and continue to push yourself, but without coming across as intense or cocky. Id like to know your balance, motivation, and how you go about pushing beyond your limits you thought were possible

  7. what a great post! she is so inspiring, a lot like you. Love that you got to run with her for so long.

  8. I am reading :) Unforunately I can't think of anything at this very moment. Oh wait, I have an idea. I was talking with a co-worker the other day and we were talking about how running truly does CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I know it's hard for non-runners to get but maybe you could talk about that. If there were more runners in the world it would be a much happier place :)

  9. P.S. I like your shananigans :D

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  11. I love your blogs Rochelle. I too read and may not respond. I think a great reminder (in your future talks) would be to remind us that we need to stay balanced in our spiritual, mental and physical areas in life otherwise someone or something is being neglected.
    Love you my little friend. I wish I could put my thoughts on paper like you do.

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